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«General Savage»

According to the movie twelve o’clock high, the most charismatic leader is General Savage because as shown in the beginning of the film, the original commander of 918th Colonel Davenport failed the team. General Savage after arriving in 918th bomber group notices that the level of indiscipline is high, in addition, he notices that the men display little regard for military courtesy with majority of the officers drunk and out of their uniforms. Savage takes action and reviews all the subordinate leaders’ files. He notices Gately who is an air executive officer had questionable performance with the rank he holds.

Savage demonstrates transformational leadership through actions that may appear to be demeaning. The charismatic leader is often exceptional, assertive, and radical, commonly acting as a form of change. Savage demonstrates charismatic leaders’ transformational tendencies, for example, he gave Gately a chance to redeem himself. General Savage leads Gately to thoughtful state of empowerment. Major Stovall was the first officer that General Savage transformed. While the convert treasured his friendship with his former leader, he believes that Savage is trying to give the unit purpose, motivation, and direction that Colonel Davenport could not have and in addition, the lamed plane event emphasizes Savages desire to transform the team from self serving individual’s to members of selfless and self actualized.

General Savage vision for bomber group is become a high performing, proud unit capable of conducting precision daylight bombing. Savage being a visionary leader, can see into the future and has a thorough seize in that the bombers’ actions are not just interlinked to the next mission but to the entire war. Savage actions clearly show that he is a system thinker; he clearly shows that the action of one element in a system has the potential of influencing the other parts of the system. He sincerely understands everyman’s action in the unit, plays a critical role in the wars outcome. Being a system thinker, he understands that it is his responsibility to energize and empower the officers so that they can accomplish the vision. In addition, he believes that the vision is a reality. He has to work hard, portray selfless service, and instil strong professional ethic. Savage has to make sure that the officers understand their obligation to the uniform and to their nation.

General Savage exhibits a charismatic leader radical and a risk taker in nature. In this film, Savage offers transfer to any officer who wants transfer. He continuously argues that he can commit the men to his vision. Savage depicts a remarkable self-confidence in the hands of many obstacles, predominantly the unit’s tendency to hang on Davenport’s memory. This acts shows that Savage is a self-confident, demonstrates a strong condemnation in personal beliefs, and preserves freedom from internal conflict. Savage as a charismatic leader is far more than a visionary. Savage is relentless man in his expedition to rebuild the team’s confidence and morale, he plays his role as a leader by continuously energizing his fellow officers to regain their commitment and have a sense of mission.

Davenport was a leader of many deficiencies. Davenport lacked the vision to lead successfully the 918th bomber group. Davenport mainly concentrated on smaller details, such as the officers in his unit, instead of concentrating on the greater mission of daylight bombing. Davenport was not a motivational leader; he could not give his unit a purpose and direction. Davenport could not employ transformational leadership, in his unit, men were running from duty unlike in Savage’s team, the officers were begging for it. Davenport could push his men to maximum effort, he was not a risk taker but afraid of exhausting his men’s potential to perform.



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