Free Essay Sample «Time to Watch and no Time to Prepare Food»

«Time to Watch and no Time to Prepare Food»

The organization “TOP CHEF” has been designed and brought into operations to cater for the food needs of the kinds of people who are addicts of television watching and loathe cooking. Despite its presence, the viewer is taking cold cereals for dinner yet he is element of the market segment that the organization has a target of. This astonishes people as they literally don’t know whether it’s the food that does not meet his requirements or it’s still the addiction to watching.

Taking cold cereal for dinner in the presence of fast food

Picturing the audience with the cold cereal while watching the chef wallop the delicacies they had made in the day makes it an issue that needs to be worked on. It is bad to have the cold meals while the organization is able and ready to offer to the market what they are preparing on daily basis. One will have to give an order of what he or needs and at the comfort of their house will take it instead of working hard to swallow the dry cold cereals as the chef enjoys the mouth watering dishes. This picture is wrong too because the organization that the chefs work for does avail to the customers the recipes of the various dishes and from them the audience watching the show shall be able to prepare the meals at their comfort.

This picture is wrong in the sense that despite the hard day at work that the chefs had, they still manage to make dishes that are warm and mouth watering while the lazy person at home is too desperate to make his or her a meal that is warm and easy to be digested. It is realistic to have the chefs do the tough day’s cores and still manage to come up with an appetizing   diet while the other person is taking an ordinary cold cereal as a meal for dinner. The picture is wrong in the perspective of the chef might had the toughest day at work than the audience at home and still compose a favorable supper but the other person is contrastingly taking a cold cereal for dinner. This is done despite the sale of the dishes in various outlets that are run by the chef’s employer and from which person he or she could get a relive from the cold cereal for dinner.

Strength and weaknesses

The first alternative being to order food from the organization instead of taking the cold cereals is strong on the basis of having the best of what you need on the table without having to do the job which the audience here hates to the best levels “The cooking”. This is the best alternative that is accorded sufficient support by the organization and the society instead of having to take the cold cereals. Its better de to the availability of labor associated with the process. There is enough cooperation between the organization and the person who is ordering for the service which makes it more efficient.

This approach weakness involves the fund limitations because it will require much to order for meals from the Top Chef Organization and business venture. The ass production is still not available yet there are instances that one may often go without the meals after it is finished and the organization closed.

The second alternative is to use the recipes from the organization and to least prepare a few minutes meal instead of taking the cold cereal for dinner.

This is strong in the sense that the audience shall be able to do this when the not their favorite program is showing instead of having a specific schedule of food supply from the Top chef. In addition it gives the freedom of making the choice of what menu combinations the person will take as opposed to the limited variations in the Top chef ventures.

Despite these strengths, it is weak in that, it will instill labor on the audience which he or she hates to the level best and prefers to watch television. It is too not an approach favorable for the organization realization of the goals and objectives.


The alternative of ordering meals from the organization is the best option for the solution. This is because it facilitates the watching of television for those who are addicts and no hassle because the food shall be packaged and delivered to the table wherever he or she shall be watching at. In addition, it will facilitate the business needs of Top chef hence leading to its growth and development. This is a symbiotic approach that is beneficial to all the parties hence it stands as the best alternative to the situation at hand.



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