Free Essay Sample «Solving a Finance»

«Solving a Finance»

The ending 2009 was particularly disappointing for the UCCB, because its earnings performance significantly dropped. During this year, the bank first made a loss. Compared to the average bank UCCB return on assets and return on equity had both dropped significantly. The major cause of this decline was attributed to the increase in loan loss provision that rose from $2.1m in 2008 to $ 6.6m in 2009. The increase in loan loss provision in 2009 was caused by the increased scrutiny and critical evaluation of loan portfolio by the bank examiners. The bank has several strengths, which include its strong brand name, patent protection, good reputation among its customers, a good capital base, and capital resources. However, the banks weaknesses include high cost structure, and lack of access to the best human resources.

The bank would use its strategic business plan to raise its capital. This would be through the finance section of the business plan whereby the bank could increase its finance through venture capital. The bank may trade share to raise its capital base and to be in a position to service the loan that has caused major setbacks to the bank. By doing so the bank will have an increased deposit base that in turn will lead to an increase in borrowings.

The marketing strategy will be to be the leader in the banking industry, to be the bank of choice in the region offering quick and accessible loans for all its customers while increasing the market base for banking and credit financing. Offering quality-banking products to the customers where they need them, While at the same time using the relevant advertising channels to promote the products.

Staffing is one of the human resources that the bank needs to apply in order to improve its performance in future. The bank needs to train and develop its current employees to be receptive of the changing environment in the banking sector. However, the human resource department must start recruiting and selecting the best human resource force. The employees should then be motivated and provided with favorable working environment to give their best.



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