Free Essay Sample «Service Operation Management»

«Service Operation Management»

The project will concentrate on four main operation strategies that are extremely essential to operation management. The first strategy is demand and capacity management. In this strategy, there will be extensive focus on how Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) handles the demand for customers. Moreover, it is essential to analyze whether MCG has the capacity to hold high demand and cope with changes in demand. The other operational strategy is forecasting and scheduling. This will entail the strategies MCG is using to forecast demand in the product life cycle and how they conduct their scheduling of activities at certain points. The third strategy is risk management. A clear specification of techniques MCG uses to counter any mistakes, challenges or problems especially on the part of customers and employees. Finally, the forth strategy isquality management. In this case, a detailed analysis on whether MCG meets or exceeds the consumer demands will be done. Moreover, identification of how each party in MCG contributes towards improving the quality of service delivery will be done.

The field trip is intended on MCG because it provides a wealth of vast information. Moreover, MCG provides many services making it easier for the analysis of different strategies. It is worth explaining why service management is critical. First, service management provides many employment opportunities in the economy. Secondly, service management act as a leader in the economy of a society. Thirdly, it helps in the improvement of living conditions of people in the society. Finally, service management helps in reducing or resisting recession since it acts as the driving force in the economy. This is because other functions of the economy depend on leadership and direction of service management. Therefore, it is extremely valuable to conduct the field trip using the different strategies to evaluate operation management.



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