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«Reflective Report»


In discount airlines, fares are relatively cheap for the purposes of attracting consumers to use them for traveling. However, in order to cover the cost and attain profits, discount airlines tend to charge other services. As a group managing a discount airline, implementation of strategies had to be made to increase airline profits. In addition, strategic decisions were made for purposes of ensuring that the airline was running efficiently, taking advantage of every opportunity in the market. It is worth noting that each group member had his or her own duties in the management process of the airline. Finally, the group had to devise ways to decide the success of strategies and implementations. Therefore, this is a reflection of what the group did to perform the managerial duties of a discount airline.


First, an overall analysis of goals had to be taken into consideration to evaluate areas that needed implementations and new strategies. In this case, company goals were separated into two categories, short term and long term goals.  For short term goals, it was established that the company needed extreme marketing to increase the number of consumers. For long term goals, it was established that new strategies had to be created to reduce costs to increase profits levels. In order to evaluate and settle for the best strategy, the group had to use historical data and statistical simulations to come with cost effective strategies and less time consuming strategies.

Secondly, there were serious considerations as to whether to make an acquisition or merger with another airline or not. This decision had to be made on the basis whether the other airline has similar goals. Moreover, the decision was made on the basis of whether it was marketable and profitable to acquire or merger with another airline or not. In this case, a merger was decided because each company had to cater for their own expenses and at the same time it was going increase sales leading high profit levels.

As one of the group members involved in the managerial process, my task was to evaluate the marketing strategies and implementations in the company. This is where I had to evaluate and analyze the most cost effective marketing process that will best suit the company. In this case, I would lay down different strategy for the team to deliberate and make a final decision. It is essential to note that the decision process of coming together and deliberating was absorbed from the last semesters work.


However, if I were to play the game another time, I would perform certain activities differently. First, I would try to create a new management system to ensure there is a leader in the team. This is because it was extremely difficult to come up with a final decision. This is because every member of the team had his or her own opinion about the decisions made. Finally, I would recommend the members to change the process of evaluating success for purposes of involving other factors apart from the increase in profit levels.



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