Free Essay Sample «Personal Statement to Declare My Business Management Minor»

«Personal Statement to Declare My Business Management Minor»

Nowadays business environment is demanding and competitive. It presents great challenges for the ordinary people. Only with the help of special educational programs student can get such skills as: critical thinking, teamwork, business communication, technology and so on, which are essential in order to be on the top of the commercial world. That’s why I want to apply for the Business Management Minor.

First of all, I choose the Business Management Minor, because a minor is a great way to expand my knowledge, while studying interdisciplinary course of study which suits perfectly to my future objectives. In addition, it is a great opportunity to improve my personal interests and investigate potential career paths outside my major. Moreover, a minor does not take much time – it means that studying is concentrating only on the most important issues.

Secondly, a very important reason for making this decision is my deep interest in the field of management. I like to organise the work of different people. Starting from high school, I have been trying to lead people in order to perform some useful duties. For example, I worked on the organization of school fairs where we sold items made by students. Earned money we used for the needs of school. At university I have not changed my preferences. However, my plans are more complicated now. My goal is to create my own company and become a leader of it. I strongly believe that the person, who wants to achieve such great goals in his career and become a leader of the team, has to have basic knowledge in the sphere of business and management, in order to properly develop strategy plan and organise work of different people. Although I have not taken this course before, I have some knowledge about business and the way of its progress. However, it is not enough for my future career. I am convinced this course will help me to enrich my existing knowledge and combine theory with practice.

Thirdly, I want to apply for my Business Management Minor, because knowledge got at this course will give me the chance to gain some new, helpful leadership skills. I hope to learn how to motivate people and make them believe that the goals and work are worthwhile. Moreover, during the studying of this course I will be able to observe how real professionals in management work and it will be like a good inspiration for my future career. In addition, this course is an opportunity to develop new useful traits of character which are inherent for managers. For example, good business managers are proactive, creative, action-oriented, directive and responsive. These traits will be a great supplement to my personal qualities such as courage, intelligence, decisiveness and confidence.

Finally, I prefer this course particularly, because it will equip me with knowledge of new technologies in the sphere of business, and it will be very useful for my future career in the fast moving commerce world. Although I have already had some proficiency in the sphere of computer and Internet, I would like to learn more about creation of an effective business website and interaction with target audience with the help of it. In addition, this course will be a good supplement to my hobbies during leisure time, because I am deeply interested in reading books and magazines especially about business news and current affairs.

To sum up, taking Business Management Minor course is the best option for me. It will deepen my personal knowledge, improve interests and make a good stead for the future career. I hope that you will look favorably upon my application.



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