Free Essay Sample «New Business Proposal about E-Cigarettes for Boot's Site»

«New Business Proposal about E-Cigarettes for Boot's Site»

Business proposal introduction. Business proposal is made by ECIDA company for BOOTS e-commerce company to cooperate and promote useful products for the whole country and the whole community. ECIDA plans to use BOOT’s distribution channels and ways to promote and widespread the product.

Product description. This product determines a good lifestyle and care about the future. In comparison to other similar products, it has got a lot of functions for health conditions measuring and situation of a person’s  body. There can be different types of e-cigarettes-female and male. Our e-cigarettes extract pleasant fragrance and they are safe for the environment. It can save money and help people become healthy and wealthy.

Causes.  According to UK statistics, the number of smoking population, even with positive dynamics, every three years increases (Wald, N., Nicolaides-Bouman, A. 1991) This leads to bad genetics, problems with birthrates and cancer illnesses. Bans and laws do not work in such spheres, that is why it is necessary to offer something that can do it not abruptly, but gradually and with a percentage of pleasure.

Consumer demand. In connection with the changes associated with limited consumption of tobacco products, many Russian experts appealed to the market of nicotine products in order to assess its extent and prospects. Most experts believe the market of electronic cigarettes is quite promising. Its volume in 2011 was about 16 billion pounds. This number is increasing. According to experts, the market of electronic cigarettes though will grow, but the pace will be relatively small (3-6% per year). They attribute this to the fact that disposable devices of many producers are of lower quality. Many cheap electronic cigarettes are not able to generate interest in smokers. To meet customers’ demands, it is necessary to analyze percentage of young, middle and old age group, professional occupation and other factors because preferences of cigarettes depend on these factors. (Jarvis, M., 2003). All different profiles demand various USPs. Our company is ready to enrich our product range.

 Market share.  Market share is very wide in the UK as in any other country. It includes different hospitals, disco clubs, clinics, chemistries, sport organization.

Product improvement. To improve products we are ready to research and make them more adoptable for customers. We are planning to vary aromas and sizes, functionality and health control system. Such health control system can attract more potential clients.

COMPANY  Mission.

We are striving to make our generation healthier, wealthier and more positive.


Our company is ready

-to make our environment and surrounding cleaner;

-to help people change their bad habits into good ones without violence and with great pleasure;

-to provide a community with a new product, combining indirect bad habit and healthy commodity.



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