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«Mason Industries »

Mason Industries is a multinational company with its headquarters in the USA. It is based mostly in the areas where its components are of great demand such as Australia which is susceptible to earthquakes. It provides seismic safeguards. It specialises in production and distribution of building and architectural compliments. It manufactures noise, vibration and seismic control devices. All the products are produced as systems rather than single components. Behold these products, the company offers related services. This enables easy installation and handling of the machines safely. For efficient operation, the industries need efficient supply chain to produce the components in an effective way. This comprises the delivery of the components to the market and access of raw materials in the most effective and cost efficient way. These calls for an integrated system that ensures supply of raw materials which meet the production demands as stipulated with the customers.

Supply chain can be defined as the integration of the demand forces, the manufacturing process and delivery of the products as per the requirement of the customers. The manufactured products should meet the satisfaction needs of the clients. For an effective supply chain system the organisation has to deliver the right products at the right time and right place (Bill & Dean, 2009). Hence, the management should take the most effective decision to deliver the clients’ specification. Setting a production plant near the consumers plays a major role in reduction of distance and minimization of transportation cost. Therefore, opening different branches worldwide ensures easy access to the market. Like Mason-Oregon, a subbranch of Mason Industries based in Oregon, and Southwest of Washington. To keep up with the higher demand of its products in the area, the organisation has a warehouse. It is used to keep inventory to ensure sufficient supply to the consumers without much delay. Furthermore, available warehouse allows production to be maintained throughout at manageable levels in the high and low seasons. In turn, low costs of operations are yielded. Unplanned shortages can be avoided. This reflects friendly prices for the consumer due to the low production cost and high profits for the organisation.

A good relationship with the consumers is crucial. They provide information about specification of the needed products. Therefore, the products are based on the consumer' needs. There is a ready market for all products of the company. The products of Mason Industries are designed to fit the requirements of the market. It forms the informational centre for the clients. To create a loyal customer base Mason Industries offers other related services. For consumers who are loyal to their products they provide seismic designs and other calculations involved without minimal cost or none at all. This is a way of ensuring they monitor on their performance (Tarek et al, 2009). They offer the maintenance and installation of the products. This ensures a long term relationship with its clients what leads to a better production in future. Information about the time scheduling and the availability of the product is provided. Therefore, manufacturing process is planned in line of this specification. Moreover, the procurements are made in time; the right raw materials are chosen.

It is not easy to be the leading producer of noise and seismic control devices in the world over many decades. Mason Industry has to offer a strong relationship with the consumers and the supplies. Furthermore, the needs of each group should be integrated to the mission and values of the enterprise. The products should be able to cover specific requirements of each client. This should be in terms of cost effectiveness and meet the schedule deadline of other parties involved. Therefore, the success of Mason Industries can be attributed to effective chain supply.



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