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Kiva is a new vision of handling company and a breakthrough in ecommerce. It was founded by Mick Mountz in 2003. The idea of this invention is that a small robot can carry different types of goods such as aspirin, books, golf balls, and pictures. The small orange bot can pick the weigh up to 3000 lbs. The main difference from other automatic handle systems is that Kiva system has different options for each type of product. Kiva system scans and analyzes weigh items and then choses the way of its carrying. The system works fast and accurately. The goods should be on a truck within 15 minutes after the submission of an order by the customer.

Ten years later after the invention, Kiva system has become one of the most popular automatic handling systems in ecommerce. Hundreds and thousands of Kiva’s bots were sent to Timberland, Dillard’s, and The Gap.

Kiva system has many advantages in ecommerce that have been caused by the customer’s demands:

-The delivery of the product is free.

-The time of the shipment is about 2 days (sometimes even less).

-More service with less usage of labor.

-The delivering of small-sized orders.

Many customers have already evaluated the advantages of Kiva and choose to work with Kiva. The system is very flexible, simple, and effective.

The solution that has proposed Kiva is the beginning of the new era not only in ecommerce. The methods that are usually use handling companies are old-fashioned. The Kiva’s small orange bots have already proved their reliability, easy maintenance, and simplicity. Although it is comparatively a new kind of service, Kiva has already won recognition among customers, especially in ecommerce. In recent future, Kiva system will dictate its own conditions among the handling companies all over the world.



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