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«International Business Communication»

The world’s population has been trading for many centuries. Various people of the world started exchanging goods and services from even before the early exploration. Some people argue that exploration was inspired by search for new products and markets. One of the main factors that have been influencing trade and commercial activities for all these years is communication. Additionally, commercial activities were more successful between people or communities that could communicate effectively.

Many years have passed since this early setting, but the rule is simple: the basic requirement for effective trade is communication. Another thing that has changed is the size of the market. In those early times, transport and communication were still crude, and people could only trade with communities that they could reach. However, this has changed as one person can move to all parts of the world and communicate to people throughout the world.

Globalization can be viewed as increase in the international interaction. This interaction is also global in that everyone in the globe can connect to any other part of the globe over a very short period of time. This has greatly boosted the exchange of products and information. In addition, this has influenced the human culture as people have learned from one another. The revolution has occurred in transport, communication and other aspects of human life (Landon, 2000).

Today, businesses have the whole globe as its market due to globalization. Furthermore, there has been a deliberate move by businesses to further development of communication with the main aim of making communication effective and efficient. Several aspects of communication have been targeted during this endeavor. These include time, cost, security of the information and effectiveness; due to this, many businesses and their communication experts have broken down the whole process of communication into its components for the ease of analysis and development.

Communication can be defined as the process of sharing knowledge or ideas. It was also classically defined as the process by which information moves from one person (the sender) to another (the receiver) and back. This illustrates formation of a loop where there is the sender, the receiver, the message and the channel. Throughout the process of human evolution, the human brain has developed to be able to code information into words that are spoken. In addition, it is highly developed and able to decode information passed to it, which creates a common understanding between people. Humans have also evolved to learn how to write information which is transmitted in the written form. The message as a component of communication has been highly refined over time to attain satisfactory levels (Carte%u0301, 2008).

In the components of effective communication, we find the sender, the receiver the message and the channel. However, businesses today have emphasized on the developing factors related to the sender, the receiver and the channel used. Additionally, business and communication experts have also realized that both the sender and the receiver are humans. For this, they study factors that affect communication in humans. This is very useful due to extensive similarity that exists between humans of all races and walks of life in the whole world today.

One of the most crucial factors that have been identified as having a great potential to affect human communication is the people’s culture. This influences how people code and decode the massage, as well as how they understand and react to it. Globalization has caused business to operate in multicultural environment. Consequently, firms are adjusting to this by training their personnel to understand various cultures of their environment in order to understand the community. In some other cases, multinational firms have resulted in starting their branches in other nations in order to serve the new markets. In such cases, these firms and their communication experts need to abolish the work and the communication culture of their home country and adopt the communication culture of the host community in order to remain profitable. This greatly boosts the level of understanding between the firm and the surrounding community. Additionally, the community also embraces the firm and its operation and is likely to readily accept its products and hence boosting its sales and profits.

Firms are also required to understand the culture of other firms’ in order to boost effective communication. In this age of globalization, a firm needs to interact effectively with its suppliers, competitors, service providers among many other firms. Therefore, understanding their culture will go a long way in creating and enhancing a healthy and working relationship.

Language is another aspect of human beings that affects communication. Every community in the whole world has its own language. This aspect is, however, changing as the world is adopting some languages that are generally accepted or utilized in many places. They may include English, French, German, and Chinese. In most cases, people cannot communicate unless they share a common language. Similarly, it is upon firms to ensure that they understand languages of communities in which they operate. Lack of this greatly hinders the process of sharing of information and ideas. For instance, firms will not sell to clients if they cannot communicate effectively. Similarly, they cannot carry out effective product promotion in a population that does not understand their language. Finally, if a firm takes workforce that does not understand their language, effective production will be hindered as the command will fail to flow effectively (Victor, 1992).

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Apart from human factors, the channel of communication has to be considered. Various channels have been developed. They include post offices, telephone the internet, among others. These channels vary in terms of speed, security, reliability, and cost, among others. Face to face channel is the most effective and scores almost 100% in the scorecards above. However, it is not effective in long distances. Other means, such as telecommunication, have been utilized in the past, and their use has been widely accepted. However, the main focus of the international communication today is the Internet. The Internet offers great versatility, acceptable levels of security, high speed and considerably low cost. It also provides a great opportunity for further development and reduced costs.

Today, businesses have utilized the Internet for video calls, teleconferencing, sending and receiving data, for instance text data or graphics among others. No other channel allowed this flexibility and efficiency. Voice calls are also possible with the Internet, and the cost is relatively cheaper than traditional telephone calls. The options available with the Internet are almost unlimited. Any firm just needs to pick what is convenient for it in the wide range of products offered (Schmidt, 2007).

One example of the many opportunities that the Internet could be offering in the future include the use of a WiFi network to support IP phones to transmit voice and data in a wide array of networks. This innovation offers excellent results even when the individual networks are interconnected. Although this project exists only in writing, it has been researched on and approved. It only awaits approval. Routing table and advanced specialized networks will be used to establish a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz, which will effectively support a modern communication channel. Finally, the multinational firms that wish to grow in the future should align themselves with such advances and harness their potential to thrive and stay above competition.



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