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«Institutions and Firms»

Many institutions (of learning) across the globe are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that there is a stable free flow of information within their respective departments. They are typified (especially universities) by a large population of students who usually make use of the prevailing computer systems on a daily basis. For that reason, the protection of information found within their respective computer systems proves to be a thorn in the fresh. This is attributed to the fact that there is a high chance that it may possibly be leaked out (by hackers). The concerned parties ought to appraise the existing architecture needs within the computer system. This will ensure that data leakage is minimized to the lowest or zero mark (“How to avoid accidental data breaches,” 2010).

Many firms which deal with the protection of data found in computer systems have constantly been involved in looking for means of ensuring that this data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. One of these companies is ‘Imperva’. Several months ago, the company invented the HII. It stands for ‘Hacker Intelligence Initiative’. This firm invented HII with the sole purpose of lessening cyber-crimes across the globe. HII accomplishes its intended mission through several styles. One of the styles utilized by HII is the internet interchange scrutiny. The second style that may possibly be used by HII in order to accomplish its intended mission is the forum examination (Imperva Launches Hacker Intelligence Initiative, 2010).

Cyber crime (a form of criminal offense committed within a computer system) has contributed to massive losses of finances and even leakages of sensitive material. A Person who engages in this form of crime knows extremely well that if his/her deceitful act (s) succeeds, then he or she shall turn out to be rich. This form of criminal act can be accomplished by a single person and at the same time affect negatively many computer users. As a consequence, many data firms across the globe have been necessitated to seek for ways (they have invented HII secret services) of dealing with this criminal act. (The Application Defense War & the Hacker Intelligence Secret Service, 2010).



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