Free Essay Sample «E-Marketing Strategy for Book Bunker Store»

«E-Marketing Strategy for Book Bunker Store»

What we offer for your company is a well-organized and planned Internet marketing campaign that would rotate through different targeted websites, would not cost you a great deal of money, would not be hard to coordinate, and may generate sales and traffic much faster, than social media marketing efforts or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a procedure that attracts as much Internet traffic to your site as possible, and is very urgent for your online marketing success and your business.

We have a lot of methods for creating a good online strategy for your business, and all of these methods consist of the main components for successful business online.

E-mail marketing is another significant component of an efficient e-marketing, because it is important to send the information about the available products and services to the potential customers. It is an effective tool for business generation and for building good business relationships with potential customers and with prospective clients. We may also use online newsletters as a good way to promote your product information. Unlike e-mail marketing way, the online newsletters may be issued through the certain time intervals.

Mailing lists are incredibly exciting, as they may immediately develop a large list of leads. Additional websites that you may cross-promote to your visitors will definitely provide superior reinforcement of your message to the customers. For example, specific websites with Holiday specials that are usually well-promoted, are the perfect areas to consider.

Placing ads on your website is the most effective and rational marketing campaign. Your retained message and visibility would be stronger, if you are seen in the several places across the web.

The ads that are displayed on your website should match your content. We may monetize your E-Commerce with Google AdSense Tool.

Another consideration for your marketing campaign is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, where you may set limits on the daily expenditures, and also may determine and experiment the most effective keywords by its statistics. With pay-per-click advertising you may exactly measure the efficacy of ad spending. It is really important in controlling the stream of customers in your online store.

You may collect and analyze your statistics right after a short period of time of your online store. Pertaining to these statistics you may see what you have to accomplish next, which way to go, and what component of the strategy to reinforce. As developers of E-Commerce, we would help you to start with this strategy, but later you will see how clear and simple it is, and will keep it on a roll by yourself.

With the E-Commerce online store you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Attracting New Customers;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Increasing customer retention and loyalty;
  • Providing better customer service and communications;
  • Reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency;
  • Promoting new delivered books for the store;
  • Better preparing for future needs.

Effective e-business strategies will involve customer relationship management and good customer service guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction for consumers. E-business is concentrated on providing the customer-friendly services and delivery of books in time.

There are many useful features of E-commerce that will make your internet store so successful:

1) Ubiquity; the website is available everywhere and any time. Customers may order books or other goods online and have them delivered right to the place, where they live, or just pick them up in the store. Maybe the negative side of this is that e-commerce takes some part of the traditional business away, but surely it gives much more in exchange.

2) Global Reach; It takes the marketplace to market space. Customers from all around the world may shop in one place. This will give your business a chance to reach other markets, also in other countries, and will make deals with the customers from abroad much easier. There is also another good side; for example, the world-famous websites, such as Google, offer the advertising options that may be placed into your website and are paid per clicks. For every person, who visits your site, you will be getting side money, and it is not harmful for the content of your store or for your business way. It will work just like other advertisement on the walls in the traditional stores.

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3) Universal Standards; It gives you an opportunity of one-level connection and provides network exterior that will satisfy everyone. These universal standards tied together with the global reach will be considered as one big marketplace. There are many features for the customers and for you, as for the business owner. For example, if a customer wants to order the book, but there is no such a book in stock right now, the system will submit an order for him, and you will get the list of the needed books and will easily inform about the timeframe to get it to stock or deliver it to the door.

4) Richness; It is the content and complexity of a message. The e-commerce and the web have made it possible to deliver the feeling of being special and important for the customer without the face-to-face interaction. We may adjust the system of the dynamic pages to the customers’ preferences, as they shops in their favorite shops, with the favorite design and atmosphere.

5) Interactivity; This feature will allow online merchants to engage consumers in the most comfort and quick way. E-commerce may collect consumers’ information more easily and efficiently with the use of special surveys and forms.

6) Information density; It offers consumers the best quality information and interactive work process with it. For example, matching, price comparison, etc.

7) Customization and Personalization; Website mayplace advertising on the customer’s dynamic page based on his\her preferences.

Besides, there are few other, but not less important, things that we may do with promotion of your business online. The most popular strategy for keeping customers’ base and attracting the new ones is Contest Strategy. We may create a scheme that will generate contests for customers to win some nice books or audio CDs using different ideas. It will generate traffic for the website by people that are interested in taking part in the contest. Advertising some sort of contest that would take place in your traditional store will attract customers to visit you with the idea of winning something right at the place; for example, in case of winning, they can choose any book right from the shelf. These ideas would make a big profit for your business; moreover, they easy to develop and advertise via your website, or via the newsletters to the customers’ e-mails.

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The next step we should definitely mention is Forum marketing part of your website. This might be the huge next step in order to keep your website in trend and being talked over by people. Online Forum is a message board, where people may hold conversations by posted messages. These forums may contain a lot of books-related topics, where people may discuss them, and attract others to buy products on your website. Creating these forums will be not one of the first steps in developing your website, but it is really important thing to do next. As any website grows and attracts a big amount of customers, forum will keep them all with you, as people like to keep in touch with others; especially, when they relate to the same type of literature being discussed.

One of the most important aspects is customers’ trust. The main thing for the customer online is electronically transferred payments being properly organized. Other important issues like overcharges of credit cards and not in time delivery should not happen. So we highly pay attention to the system flow and make sure that everything is working in a proper way. With E-Commerce it is possible to avoid such issues, all is needed is a full control on your side. Security of their credit card information is highly important and also is the main thing to assure the customer before any purchase.

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Concerning the difference between advertising on the internet, locally or globally, there is no much of a difference, as in the traditional market. Local advertising is geographically close to your business place. It costs much less and targets concentrated customer base within a small area. Global advertising brings bigger amounts of customers but costs much more to reach a big audience. In general, a lot of ads should be created in order to appeal to each target audience you are advertising to.

Concerning the question using social media in business, it is no longer a choice. For the last years it has improved business in a way that may no longer be ignored as the way to gain competitive benefit over the competitors. As nowadays most of people keep in touch via the social networks and prefer to find information through the internet, it gives absolute prerogative to your business, and succeeding in this internet revolution is successful realization within the field of your organization.


Basic business development strategies of the world have not changed over the centuries. But the changes in information, technology, and behavior of customers have compelled altering these tactics. Likewise, decades ago the marketers could not think of marketing strategies like behavior targeting or analyzing the clickstream by marketing base.

These incredible new tactics present new chances for exploiting your niche; it is so widespread nowadays that business people, who lose an opportunity with this, have to close their shops. Online perspective gives easiness for both customers and market people to associate, communicate, and navigate the products and offers.



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