Free Essay Sample «E-Commerce and System Design»

«E-Commerce and System Design»

Business Selected and the Rationale for Its Selection

The business to be discussed in this paper is named Access Parts and Services. It is a small automotive shop selling car spare parts and tires as well as offering car repair services. The shop has been in operation for the last five years, and within the short period of time, it has increasingly and markedly widened its customer base and has become a preferred choice with the clients among the similar businesses. However, it is of dire significance that the business diversifies so as to remain competitive and ahead of other firms that are slowly emerging in the market of the town. The best way that Access Parts and Services can accomplish this is by establishing an internet strategy. Nevertheless, it would first be worthy to consider various questions regarding the paramount business model, the benefits that the firm is likely to gain, and the technical specifications for the project among other aspects. The basis for this is the existence of a variety of different categories of internet business models each based upon certain skills and peculiar sets of responsibilities (Wang, Hu, & Hu, 2013). Each of the internet models offers a range of attractive benefits. It is thus crucial to comprehend and predetermine the kind of website functionality required for the site and the factors that can provide specific competencies based on the expenditures.

The Appropriate Internet Business Model That Access Parts And Services Can Follow In Creating a Website and the Rationale for the Selection

Access Parts and Services can select its appropriate internet business model from among the three basic types existing nowadays, namely product sales, service sales, and information delivery (Stair & Reynolds, 2013). The suitable internet model for this business is that which favorably combines two of the three business models mentioned, that is, product sales and service sales. Besides, offering car repair and other related services, which are in the category of services sales, Access Parts and Services can include product sales, encompassing the sales of car parts such as tires, batteries, side mirrors, and other components. A combination of product sales and service sales internet models can allow Access Parts and Services to start a virtual shopfront, ensuring that customers can order for parts and services without necessarily making a physical appearance in the shop. With this approach, the website can contain information about the availability, specification, and prices of tires and other automobile products. After identifying their desired purchases, they can pay for them through mobile money services or online payment methods after which the delivery is scheduled, and the products are transported to their doorsteps. Access Parts and Services also has an option of operating a physical shopfront, where customers can make a physical appearance, see and touch the chosen goods, make purchases, and have their cars repaired as they wait.

The Ways in which Access Parts and Services Can Benefit from a Website

Access Parts and Services would receive an array of notable benefits by creating a website. Without a doubt, Access Parts and Services would obtain practical use from increased sales margins and customer service provided by the website functioning. The website would additionally assist in raising the sale of products and service delivery even to customers living far away from the shop (Stair & Reynolds, 2013). Besides promoting the product and services sales function, the company can use the internet for online marketing, communication and contracting suppliers, as well as receiving orders from customers (Bharati & Chaudhury, 2009).

Functional Specifications for Access Parts and Services’ Use of the Website and the Internet

The site intended for Access Parts and Services would feature various functional specifications. These include the search engine optimization, content and navigation (Jones, 2014). In addition to this, it would make use of tools such as storyboards, use-case scenarios, wireframes, affinity diagrams, simple narrative documents and mockups. These would be extremely valuable in illuminating the user interactions connecting them to the relevant input and output information on the website. Building functional specifications is a vital step in user-centric and object-oriented website designs (Jones, 2014). They noticeably enhance the understanding of structure, functionality and behavior. They also offer an operative format for presenting the information to the developers.

Technological Specifications for Implementation

Various technological specifications in both hardware and software would be required in implementing the internet strategy for Access Parts and Services. The examples of hardware requirements for this internet strategy include media converters, routers, cables, racks, switches and firewalls (Jones, 2014). The software requirements may include the applications such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office Pro among others. Moreover, a high-speed internet connection would be necessary to make the implementation complete.



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