Free Essay Sample «Buying it or not»

«Buying it or not»

Judith Levine stands as a conscious consumer and her one-year experiment of not buying luxuries made a difference. After reading Levine’s book, I was startled by what I learnt, as well as the experience of Levine. In her book, Levine provides readers with tips and information on how they can spend enough money, but still cater for their basic needs. Given that Levine details how he spent more than $ 1,000 in gift and other luxuries, such extravagance and the experience of being broke justify her quest to have a year of buying nothing, but essential products and services (Levine 64).

Levine and her partner managed to reduce their expenses by a significant margin and achieved huge saving demonstrating their achievement in saving and dropping unnecessary cost. Levine’s narrative before the experiment provides sheer details of her spending and unconscious consumption of products. At one time, she details how she would carry “overstuffed packages,” but this story change as she points how she would sit with friends and see them eat alone in a restaurant believing that such food was unnecessary expenditure (Levine, 14).

In addition, Levine was also successful because she learnt that saving is a primary objective of a conscious consumer. Because Levine and her partner saved $ 8,000, it is quite possible for people to reduce on expenses, but gain on saving. This is something that I have tried, and it worked for me. Just as Levine demonstrated, it is possible to reduce the consumption culture, and this is why I never use my credit to shop unless it is very necessary. Nonetheless, some of my friends have problems managing their funds simply because they are fond of acquiring products, and that do not help them for long. For instance, acquiring new phones after a brand new release makes people deplete their savings (Malkames 15). As Levine describes, some of the electronics is simply not necessary, and people can do without them.



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