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Thank you for giving this opportunity to explicit my invention of smart wallet applications. This is intended to convince investors to invest in this newly found opportunity.  The Kenya Products Revenue Authority has authorized the panel to produce, and supply the products to the customers. This was reached after satisfactorily confirmation of the quality and application of the product. The investment is beneficial; therefore, I am persuading investors to put their efforts in this field. The smart wallet application is quite advanced than any other old fashion wallets. This makes it promise amazing profits (Du-Babcock, 2006).

Smart phone application

Do you want to go out for a ride? If yes, clutch your jersey, gloves, shoes, helmet and bike, and strike the route. Remember, you will also need your levers, phone, multi-tool, patch kit and little coins for emergency cases. It gets quite complicated, and you would wish to just spend your journey riding. The Kevin Smart Wallet encloses all your items in one place. You do not have to grope around searching for what you require. The labeled smart phone wallets are sized to suit the matching Kevin tools. The phone pocket is made waterproof to protect all devices in case you sweat or get rained on throughout your jersey. The smart wallet is designed to fit automatically into a habitual jersey pocket (Russ, 2009). The Kevin smart wallet is available in black color and comes in one size only (110X145mm).

Product Features:

Fabric: Leather

Fashion: Bi-fold containing zipper closure

Coin purse: Yes

Master Card Slit: yes

ID slot: Yes

Producer: Warranty: 1 Year

The wallet is designed to use Bluetooth, making bond to your smart phone. It extracts the particulars from the user’s bank account using phone’s internet connection.

The Kevin panel has invented three designs (Lloyd & Somerville, 2006). The modes are designed to vibrate with any single bank transaction.  The span of the hum is comparative to the sum spent. The hum imitation notifies you whether the bank transaction was a withdrawal or a deposit.

Budget Allocation

The panel has calculated the amount of money required for the investment and totals to $500 thousands over the period of 5 years. The expected capital that will be used to install is approximately $ 150 thousands. This amount includes buying of the material and labour. The expected amount for maintenance is approximately $150 thousands. The products will be assigned $150 thousand for successful marketing and campaign. $ 50thousands will be assigned for any emerging issue that may arise during the production and marketing of the products. The raised capital will be used to purchase manufacturing materials and pay for the labor, removing a small profit to keep panel producing. This money is inclusive of delivery to various selling points (Lloyd & Somerville, 2006).

Cash flow projection

The income declaration will be set up under accrual foundation of accounting. The profits accounted in the report statement may not have been raised. Comparably, the expenditure accounted on the income report statement may not have been collected. Therefore, investors will be given a chance to evaluate the balance sheet modification to establish the fact. However, the cash flow statement will have already included all that details. This will serve as the most crucial financial statement to the investors in order to analyze transaction. Due to high demand that is prevailing in the phone banking in Canada and USA, it is approximated that, 45 million people from Canada and 200 million people from USA will respond to buying of the product (Du-Babcock, 2006). The prediction of cash-flow is in two way traffics. The investors will spend their capital investing in smart phone wallets. After the products are sold to the customers, investors will have their basic principle plus profit realized. The supply price of the commodity will be 60% giving investors 40% profit.  


I recommend that, investors to take this opportunity. The transaction is clear, and the profit is realized upon selling the products. Having 40% of the total manufacturing price as profit, it leaves a big room for investors to acquire wealth, and expand their business potential (Russ, 2009).


Kevin Smart wallet is a smart phone application which has been proved to be the best model. The quality excellent and the prices are reasonable. It is designed to meet customers’ purposes and fulfill investors’ desires.



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