Free Essay Sample «Business Ethics»

«Business Ethics»

“Organic Bakery” is a new type of restaurant, which creates both tasty and healthy meals. The restaurant is located in the downtown of Washington. The bakery wants to create a large base of regular customers.  It also expects to catch the interest of those people who are interested in healthy lifestyle as well as sportsmen. “Organic Bakery” offers a wide range of high quality and freshly prepared cakes, baked completely of organic farm products. All of the cakes are made of organic fruits and vegetables and served with fresh juices.

Mission Statement

“Organic Bakery” aims to offer organic bakery products at competitive price that can meet the demand of those people, who are interested in healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to build a strong company with regular customer base, which can later be expanded abroad. 

Core Values

  • Innovation: the company is focused on creating new range of products
  • Excellence:  our bakery delivers only best quality service and products
  • Integrity: being honest with our customers and delivering fresh and organic products is the main responsibility of “Organic Bakery”

Ethical dilemma

Ethical dilemma it is a conflict, which evolves when business is not acting ethically and according to moral imperatives.

Example: There is one fast-food restaurant chain, which was hiring managers and specified that candidates should have an experience in this field. Nevertheless, my friend was not hired although she had six years of experience. The reason is that she was pregnant. The problem was resolved when she was offered a part time position at this company.



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