Free Essay Sample «The Passion for Meaning»

«The Passion for Meaning»

1) The Understanding of God

a) In his book smith states that ““God is the only supreme governor and independent being in whom all fullness and perfection dwell; who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient; without beginning of days or end of life; and that in him every good gift and every good principle dwell; and that he is the Father of lights; in him the principle of faith dwells independently, and he is the object in whom the faith of all other rational and accountable beings center for life and salvation”.

b) Palestine’s are said to have been great enemies of the Israelites and they fought so as to take control of the land of Israel, but God saved Israelites as he had promised them he will do.

c)      The characteristics are as follows:-

  • God as Moral
  • God as Benevolent
  • God as Personal and
  • God as One

d)  (1) God as personal- This states that God has the ability to choose what he thinks suits human beings.

e) (2) God as One- This explains that God is in the form of spirit, God the son and He is the father to all human beings, for he has control over us.

(3) God as Moral- It states that God is not sinful and he guides and helps every individual.

(4) God as Benevolent- This shows that God is caring and passionate; he offers breath of life and protects us from every evil.

e)   The attribute that seems more important is that of God is Benevolent, for it states that God is caring and is always there for all of us.

2) Understanding creation

a) It means that God created human being in a very constructive way i.e., in his own image and did his creativity to his imaginative fashion that met heavens goodness.

b) In his book smith, states that God creation of human being is a practical hypothesis that made and met God creation, and he was happy for he created something similar to him. He says that his creation was never absent and the fusion that he used met and uploaded the heavens with the great span of goodness that endured forever.

c) The expression that the universe is God created can be affirmed through facts that the daily life we face, there exists several inherent options that our fate has no control over them.

d)  (i)It states that the infusion of spirits to human beings is definitely from human beings

(ii) It also states that the Holy Spirit is a form of gift that all human should faithfully use in a meaningful way to the best they live.

(iii)There believed to be unsupported facts that express philosophical assumptions and opinions about man.

3)  The understanding of Mankind

a) The meaning of human existence is based upon human beings and the different relegations about the nature of living.

b) ( i)  Understanding Human Frail – This means that every human being is a sinner and its true   repentance that God will forgive and cleanse their sins.

(ii) Human as Grand- This means that there exist oneness among all human beings and that they believe that God exist.

 (iii)Human as Sinful- This means that all human beings are born as sinners and they need to seek God for intervention so they can be born again in spirit and in Godliness.

(iv) Humans as Free- by far that all human beings are free and that the spirit of God is the one that guides them in everything they do.

c) I believe the one that out does the rest is human as free, this because all humans are free to do anything they choose regardless they chose something that will not upset God.

d) It states that despite the free nature of human beings they are still within certain fix which lead them to sin and this is ignorance and also by being to any other perspectives of life.



1 a) Meaning in History

b) The historian statement can be summarized as the evolution being a theory that is without a cause and there exist indifference to all basics of all existing religions.

c) 1) He says that the towering significance among the Jews was a direct intervention by God

 2) There was always tension between Yahweh’s intervention and mans failure to cooperate.

 3) It also explains that Jews were a special people chosen from the descendants of Abraham

 4) There exist collective actions and social actions that are the only choices to change things.


e) (1) India- This is because Hindu had difference in cultural and assimilations

(2)Nature religions- it states that this should not be tampered by human beings because it is believed to be holy.

f)  It states that God stays in an intelligent universe and his intelligence nature.

2) The understanding of Morality – Morality are good virtues that human being embrace to other people.


b)Exodus 20:1-17 speak about the ten commandments that god gave to Moses so he could use them in teaching the Israelites.

c) 1) Force- it means that the natural laws of ethics that are written in the Decalogue are the restricting forces that tells about the commandments

2) Wealth- it proclaims that Christians should not have the desire for wealth but be less significant so that they can portray good ethical disclosure.

3) Sex- It advices Christians to avoid committing adultery and embrace Godliness

4) Speech- It states that Christians should learn to speak in good and responsible manner and avoid evil and bad thought to the other one.

d) These commandments are the basic necessities and most essential to human nature.

3. Understanding Justice

a) Meaning in Justice- Justice is being just to other people and their welfare.

b)A Prophet- A person who is appointed and anointed by God to pass his message and teachings  to the people.

1) Prophet guilds- It is where prophets associated to God gather together and teach people about God.

2) Pre-Writing Prophets- These are prophet of Old testament that we have had a lot of stories about them.

3) Writing Prophets- These are the prophets who stood as the head of many oracles and defined them to people as messages from God.

d) Prophetic Principle- This a kind of a person who is entitled with correcting and making the current situation of human kind better through his guidance and teachings about God and repentance.

e) All prophets are God messengers and prophesy according to God’s message, they also believe in one Supreme Being who is God.



1) The Understanding of Suffering

a) It states that those who remain faithful in adversity will be vindicated.

b) We should endure pain and suffering for Jesus died because of our sins.

c) This means that God has understanding over us and he has a kind heart thereby he wants to cleanse us from sins for in is a disease that cannot be healed unless through God.

2. The understanding of Messianic- Messianic definesin as transgression of the Torah and the conversion is made based on their understandingof Messianicconverts.

 b) Meaning of Messianism – Messianism can be defined as something close to the messiah that is characterizes of his hopes and belief.

c)  1) Manner or utopian- this means the imminent that is something pending.

2) Restorative or utopian- This suggests the great Day of the Lord and the end of times when Jesus will come back.

3) In all major religions they have interpreted Daniels book where he prophesied of the 4 evil beasts as the reference to the messianic era.

d) In Septuagint messianism refers to the Davidic kingdom.

3) Encountering God in All of Life

a) Hollowing of Life- This is the aspect of fearing to fall

b) It states that ideas can be imaginations while observations are portrayed when you see something with an actual physical test.

c)  1) Dialogue

 2) Independence

d) Piety is the aspect of doing what pleases God most

e) Piety and praying to God makes a person more humble and more peaceful.

 4) Divine Disclosure

a) Revelation- it is the instrument upon which a superhuman force exerts its power, and the more lucidly this superhuman force enters human consciousness as an active personality

b) It means revealing something

c)   1) a characteristic of God- He is the supreme God

  - He is our protector

 - He is the creator of all the existence

d)– Agreement

 - Pledge and

  - Bond

e) Circumcision

f) Covenant is the agreement between two or more parties. God himself designed and sealed the covenant he made with Abraham and his descendants.



1)   The People of God

b) They believed that god was the one who chose a leader for them

c) It refers to a trap or a snare

d) It was an attempt to end their persecution

e) They created a Jewish state

2) The people and Land

a) Rabbinic accomplishment – it is an outstanding Chazan with an International reputation.

b) The conservative and orthodox Jews were clear about their identity.

c)  (1) Faith- many Jews reject their religious components of their identity but still remain legal.

(2)Observance- is of the covenant and holy days including the Sabbath day

(3) culture- retained its passion for the land of its birth

4) nation- it crosses many nations boundaries in the thousands years and only inhabited human hearts.

d) 1.enshrinement in Israel public and national institutions

     2. Codification

     3. Solved Jewish homelessness by establishing the Jewish state.

3. Personal Assessment

One feature about Jewish religion is that they view human kind as free in one of their five fruits of humanity in Jewish perspective.



1 Jesus of Nazareth

a)   – Jesus came in a form of human and performed unbelievable miracles that no human ever did.

b)  He stood in front of the Pharisees and answered asked questions asked without fear.

c)   He had power from God

d)  1. Apostles

2. Rulers

3. Pagans

4. Pharisees

2. Jesus the Christ

a) Christ faith shows that he believed and trusted in God because he was his father.

b) -   raising the death

   -   cursing out demons to pigs

c) They were beyond those of human nature

d) Whatever he taught truly is happening

e) We should learn to forgive and love one another

f) Love one another

4. The character of Jesus

- We have seen his glory witnessed when the disciples received the Holy Spirit

b) He promised that he will resurrect back and give his disciples the holy spit which he did.

c) Loving, forgiving and caring

5. Death and Resurrection

- This states that it was when Jesus died and the beginning is his resurrection

d) Christian believe that there is resurrection after death

e) Jesus is forgiving and loving, he raised Lazarus and fed more than 5000 people and also cleansed sins of those who were called as outcasts.



1.      The Explosion of the Gospel

b)      The teachings of prophets

c)      a) God was the beginning and the end.

b) God used the prophets as his good news

d) Adultery

- Killing

- Stealing

e) Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

2. Usage of wine to mean the blood of Jesus and the bread to mean the body of Christ.

c) Since Jesus died and resurrected Christians believe that they too will die and resurrect

3. Three Major Doctrines

a) They believe in experience as Jesus went through and symbols of Christ guides them they are like Christ and the doctrines encourages them to go on trusting in God.

c) Incarnation showed people that truly Jesus existed and he lives among the death

d)      The Holy Spirit because it exists among us.

e)      Christian experience because of the challenges they are going through.



1)      The Roman Catholic Church

a)      Church is a place where people gather to get information about God

b)      - They belief that he is a messenger from God

-         He is their spirit

c)      The confirmation

d)      In the mass there are teachings and is conducted in every service

2)      The Eastern Orthodox Church

a)      Extent of Authority- there exist several pastors unlike in the catholic where we only have one pope.

b)      Means of Authority- Authority in the orthodox is shared while in the catholic the pope is the central authority.

c)      Corporate identity- This means they corporate together in making the church grow.

d)      Mysticism- They believes in religious a study that is contacting religious education everywhere they go.

3)      The Protestant Churches

a)      Assurance, devotion and belief

b)      Faith is a strong believe towards someone or something

c)      Protestants believe that faith is a very vital element in life and that they ought to have faith in only one God.

d)      The Bible is taken as to be the word of God and guidance for human being.

4) God is there for every human being, therefore we should not give up but seek his glory and pray for He assists and heals.



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