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«Socio-Economic Impact of Immigration »

Although the undergraduate studies in political sciences have research as an inherent part of the American syllabus, the syllabus lacks reliable guidelines in conducting any effective research. Despite the fact that every research faces a number of challenges, and offers recommendations for further research at the end of the research, improvements are still necessary for the sake of providing a standard that can benefit the fields in which the researches are conducted. In the study of the immigration in the US, numerous research papers and proposals sources on the topic. While each of these sources offers information that is consistent with the ‘official stand’ of the group involved, careful and objective examination of these secondary sources can help us come up with conclusions on hot subject that can benefit all the groups involved in the highly controversial issue. The purpose of this report is to examine the issue of immigration in the US.


The issue of immigration is a topic of major debate in the United States (David 2005). Many experts have come forward to present what they believe to the balance and the real account of the situations and the way forward for the policymakers if the nagging problem is to be eliminated. The public’s views on the issue are as varied as the opinions offered by various activist groups. The proponents present their arguments in favor of mostly hardline standpoints, mostly void of any objectivity and broadness in perspectives.

The paper is arranged in a chronological flow of the research, which starts with the identification of the argument or the objective of the research. A brief review of the literature used is then given for the sources used to conduct the research. An outlay of the research detailing the major issues surrounding the research including the hypothesis and methodologies relied upon in conducting the research is given.


The socio-economic impact of immigration in the US cannot be underestimated. Immigrants flow accrues at the borders every time of the year. While some of the immigrants follow the due process, others are forced to defy the decision of the legal processes and cross illegally into the country. Various issues arise out of the immigration, considering the obstacles, the government faces in handling and controlling the flow of immigrants across its porous border points. The illicit issue touches on several humanitarian, social, and political issues which limit the autonomy of the government in deciding the fate of the immigrants in the US. Consequently, all stakeholders have therefore left the topic for debate.

The sources on such a highly debated social issue means considerable biases exist in the information provided (David 2005). However, careful research is necessary in overcoming this momentary obstacle and come up with an objective conclusion that will contribute positively to solving the immigration problem  while providing some kind of focus for the groups concerned. All stakeholders should be able to benefit from the research and reach a more agreeable stand to those opposed to the viewpoints.

Literature review (2-3 pages)

ACRL (2008) discusses at length the need for more standardized guidelines for effectively conducting researches in political science. The source highlights the important issue of immigration in a more comprehensive guideline for undergraduate political science research, as the same has been shown to be lacking. The source goes further ahead to pinpoint some important suggestions that could help reverse this negative deficiency such as the incorporation of the study of research methodologies in the undergraduate curriculum.

David Cutler (2005) describes the rise in the number of immigrants in the US in the recent past in a research facilitated by the National Bureau of Economic research in the US. The research findings highlight a number of issues pertaining to the reason for the increase in the number of immigrants. The writers highlight the issues behind the phenomenon and offers suggestions on ways in which the government can tackle them to the benefit of all the parties involved.

According to Jeffrey (2005), the number of immigrant populations is a source of worry for the authorities in the government, and have led to the implementation of policies that have caused major debates over the issues of immigrants. The relevance of the immigrants to the socio-economic welfare of the Americans is highlighted in the text.

Johnson (2006) explains why the rhetorical exchanges in the political arena on the issue of immigration are going to hinder effective curbing of the illegal immigrations into the US. The discussion involving exchange of blame among stakeholders diverts attention from finding a solution to the real issues thus delaying solution from being found.

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Research design

Testable hypothesis

The study was aimed at uncovering whether immigration has adverse effects on the socio-economic life of the Americans. The alternative hypothesis is that immigration has positive effects on the social-economic lives of the American. 

Indicators and data sources

The evidences examined are sources touching specifically on the issue of Mexican immigration, both legal and illegal and factors behind the social dynamism.


A universally accepted methodology of political science research is the use of secondary sources. The sources are in form of academic literally journals and government records on the issues of interest. For this research, we have made use of secondary sources such as books, journals and government sources are used to back and derive the research findings in any of the numerous areas of research areas of interest to political scientists. The issue of immigration is of particular interest to many stakeholders in the area, ranging from civil rights groups, labor unions, the US government, economists, and sociologists. These groups have information that offers great relevance to the study area for the political science research topic under study in this paper.

Effective political researches have tried to adhere to certain competency guidelines. The guidelines may be general to the field of empirical research while some are specific to the field of political science by itself. Political science is a social science, and as such, its main substratum is based on interactions among people. For the research to be effective there is need to involve the use of relevant study samples providing an accurate assessment and answer to the research hypothesis proposed in the research.

Due to the interactions with other fields and disciplines that constitute the vast world of social science, secondary sources provide numerous sources of information on the research topics in political science. Government institutions form major areas of focus to study by political scientists. The principles along which the disciplines of economics and sociology are founded also provide much information that may be of great significance to political scientists. Some sources have obvious biases, given the hidden agendas they may have behind the issue under study.

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According to the Association of College and Research libraries, political science relies heavily on the use of scholarly journals and books, especially in undergraduate research. This is major method adapted in conducting this research, as its effectiveness and regularity of use help give political science research greater credibility. Of note is the reliance on the use of government reports, and the inherent need to marry the demands of the professors from their students and the information sources that offer information that relates to eh discipline of political science.  

The process taken to do the research

The research involves the identification of the review of reliable sources on the issue of immigration in the US. Once the credible sources are identified, careful scrutiny was conducted to identify the sources that offer the most relevant information for the topic under discussion. Comparison of the sources was also necessary to come up with the most objective sources of all, to give the study a more objective tone that offers a balanced opinion on the issue.

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Defense for the use of secondary sources

Undergraduate political science research offers numerous limitations that make it impossible to do a compete research. The limitations exist in terms of time and money, considering the wide scope of the undergraduate curriculum, which reduces the ability to focus on a particular area of study. Consequently, there is need for reliable and easily accessible sources that can accomplish the scope of the study within the limited sources, time, and skill in research available at this level. Use of secondary sources therefore becomes of paramount importance. Furthermore, most research in political science relies heavily on other sources, as it mainly involves the study of other institutions, especially governmental agencies to formulate conclusions from the underlying principles that govern the institutions.

Obstacles you might face

Every research experiences its fair number of setbacks. In the case of a research limited in scope and time, the problems appear to be compounded. Some of the problems experienced in this research include limitations on capital to conduct the research. Inadequacy of resources means that some more effective research methods such conducting interviews and field researches become unviable. Travelling also requires considerable time and monetary resources, which a research of this magnitude is seriously deficient of. Access to secondary sources is a vital requirement for an efficient social science research, and the purchase of database sources is likewise affected by a diminished budget. Focus groups need logistical arrangements and enough time to ensure they are available when needed. The travelling needed to meet up with the focus groups and do comprehensive research within stringent period’s means less scope for the research topic and this affects the effectiveness of the research in many ways.

Stakes reduce the reliability of any assessment or research. Consequently, government reports, which are mainly conscious to public reactions and perceptions may be more conservative in reporting the gravity of issues, to curtail any form of dissent the reality may raise among the focus groups. Economists on the other hand are more independent in their research as the data they generate will have to offer some factual bases for the implementation of policies that need to deliver on their mandate in accordance to the research findings. Secondary sources on all these sources needs critical review to ensure the information provided in above board, and that the integrity of the field of political research is not seen as a rubberstamp to governmental, social are economic research works.

Bias abounds on some of the political science issues, especially the topic of migration, our chosen topic of study. The issue of immigration in the US is a controversial issue, and needs careful research to obtain concrete information to derive reliable conclusions that have empirical evidence. The research topic touches on many sensitive issues that attract many heated sentiments from the focus groups. Comprehensive research is therefore critical to obtain clear and objective results and findings that can be of benefit to the future research and handling of the issues in the sector.

Overcoming the obstacles

Clear guidelines are almost absent as to the way undergraduate political science research should be carried out to meet the demands for the mandate it seeks to address. Lack of clear structures means that the reliability of the researches seriously compromise the ability of researchers to present information and data loss is likely to set in causing impractical findings. Efforts to address these glaring problems are directed at teaching political science students early on in the curriculum on the importance and significance of different research methodologies.

The clear guidelines will help establish a standard and a culture that grow the field of political science research even beyond its current confines of undergraduate research to the higher and more socially significant spheres of real life applications. Future research assignments need to take into account the problems faced by prior researchers. For instance, the short time span of time given to the research means that little time is left to deal with all the issues pertaining to effective research. Enough time will enable the researcher to come with a practical budget outlay and conduct all the essential reconnaissance survey to ensure that all areas necessary for a complete research are in place well ahead of the research deadline.

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The impact of immigration has both positive and negative effects on the socio-economic life of the Americans (ACRL, 2008). Immigration is a topical issue for government policy-making, and of concern to the human rights issues arising out of the issue. Illegal immigration and humanitarian assistance conflict in a way that demands the careful trending by the forces that play an instrumental role in regulating the immigration of individuals into the US. Overall, the greatest concern challenge lies upon the policy makers to come up with policies that will reduce the conflict and controversy the issue raises, and help to better address the economic and social issues arising out of the problem. 



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