Free Essay Sample «Restaurant Guest Satisfaction»

«Restaurant Guest Satisfaction»

The restaurant chain in the US seems to be much diversified. One can face a lot of fast food restaurants that propose to have a quick meal while going for a walk or fulfilling work. The statistics shows that such places take up the greatest space in the restaurants chain. The burgers and fries are so popular that you can hardly name any American man or woman who avoids such food. This situation has recently become concerned and the American government moves heaven and earth in order to stimulate people eat healthy food.

The government itself has created a culture of innovations, and at the moment almost every chef in the restaurant has fundamentally changed his or her approach in cooking meal. But it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The American society has become accustomed to fast food and sugary drinks with snack that it is very difficult to introduce in restaurant’s menus nutrient-enriched food. But the difficulty could be solved. The government has introduced in restaurants some very useful innovations that have changed the eating habits of the American nation. To begin with, there is such tendency to use only organic food while preparing any meal. . It means that restaurants use grocery, which costs quite the same as fast food. Chefs are involved in frozen food industry. They freeze everything – meat, vegetables and so on, and the call for damage is minimal in such a way. If the person is interested in what he or she eats, they can go to Internet and find all the necessary information there.

In reference to popular restaurant trends, each year they are constantly changing. Nowadays, they much differ from those that existed, for example, two years ago. The scientists have made the list of major restaurant trends for the current year. These are:

1. The sour food is much in favor. There is such a tendency that salty and fatty food is replaced with bitter and acid.

2. Chefs do everything in order to level off the menu’s caloric value. This means that they gave up using a lot of butter and bacon and substitute them with broth and even beets. As a result, the food is very toothsome.

3. Innovation of the cuisine. A lot of Thai, Korean and Vietnamese restaurants are opened on the streets of the American cities and towns.

4. Only small plates. The big plates were changed for small ones, as this seems to cut down the amount of food a person will eat.

The restaurants have a very good chance to change and affect the service management tactics. This is a very important factor for the functioning of every restaurant. The service management is a link between the customer and the actual sales. Its aim is to streamline the process of selling goods and in order to accomplish this task, the service management uses some tactics that seem to work effectively. The restaurants reduce their costs with the help of integrating their service and food supply itself. This leads to the fact that the inventory costs are totally reduced. Moreover, the improvement of customer’s satisfaction level serves this purpose as well. This could be any innovation in the menu, in the interior design and even some holiday rebates or special offers.

Therefore, the American restaurants have survived dramatic changes for the last years. If such the tendencies continue to develop, the catering business will become more appropriate for the people’s needs and demands. Nevertheless, the bad eating habits are here to stay, however, the government is trying to grapple with them.



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