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Explain the difference between active and passive listening. Identify two techniques for listening actively when interacting face-to face.

Ans. Active listening involves listening to and interpreting of what somebody has said and passive listening includes only listening and no reaction.

Two techniques for active listening are providing non-active cues and reflecting back on what has been said.

Paraphrasing is part of the active listening process. Define the term paraphrasing and explain its purpose.

Ans. Paraphrasing is a restatement of words to clarify the meaning of a sentence. The purpose of paraphrasing is to make the sentence simpler to understand.

According to our textbook, there are six benefits of active listening. List these six benefits.

Ans. 1. Active listening shows respect to the speaker.

         2. It helps provide further disclosure.

         3. It clarifies our misunderstandings.

         4. It helps the listener stay focused.

         5. It diffuses conflicts.

         6. It adds substance to what you have understood.

Review the list of distractions that prevent good listening. Select two distractions that you can honestly say have influenced you in the past or continue to affect you in your current job, hobby or home life. Prepare a list of three things you can do to minimize the impact of each distraction.

Ans. I have been distracted by noise and gossips in the past. I can minimize these distractions through

  1. Working in a calm environment.
  2. Staying away from friends and phone calls during work hours.
  3. Keeping a log of the work to stay focused.
  4. List four factors that influence the telephone technologies used by service desks.

Ans. 1. Recent trends in technology.

2. Usage requirements.

3. Traffic load.

5. Network connectivity.

List four of the capabilities that ACDs (Automatic Call Distributors) provide.

Ans. 1. ACDs distribute incoming calls to a particular node.

2. ACDs handle large amount of traffic.

3. The routing strategy is effective and rule based.

4. ACDs employ interactive voice response.

Describe the benefits of VoIP in a service desk setting.

Ans. It is a facility to manage delivery of information over the internet.

Describe four ways in which technology-delivered support services benefit the service desk.

Ans. 1. It is fast.

2. It can manage good amount of traffic load.

3. It can be automated.

4. It is more interactive.

Identify the role each of the following technologies play in delivering support: %u2028

Telephone, IM, and chat


Web-based services

Ans. Telephone, IM and chat help to interact more diversely. E-mail can give a formal look and substantiate communication. Web-based services are automated and have great features to enable effective and fast communication.

E-mail is an important way to communicate with customers. Why is it important to check your grammar, punctuation and spelling when sending an e-mail message?

Ans. It is important to check grammar, punctuation and spelling when sending an e-mail message because that conveys our effectiveness, education and interest.

11.Biz-Tech Industries




Crown Development

Address of the Company

Sub: Notification on discontinuation of support for ABC software.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Greetings from Biz-Tech Industries.

This is to bring to your kind notice that we no longer support ABC software. As a part of the updating of technology in our solutions, we have started employing ZXF software. This software has gained wide recognition and has been very robust and scalable.

We have employed the experts in this field for smooth transitioning. We value our association and we look forward to an ever growing mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Thanking you.



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