Free Essay Sample «Is America Falling Apart»

«Is America Falling Apart»

The article refers to the disease which America suffers from. It is all about a number of economical and psychological issues that question future of the most prosperous country in the world. The author starts with the comparison between two countries – Italia, where he currently lives, and the USA, where he had been living before. The difference between these two countries follows with the consumption model of behavior which is typically traditional for Americans. Mass consumption makes from the country the biggest polluter in the world. Next to economical problems there exists the problem with education, especially the one that refers to conservative teaching techniques. Nevertheless, the most crucial point is the problem of society. It was mentioned that corruption, drugs and lack of values are roots for current situation when America is under risk to fall apart. The author was very good at the comparison between psychological factors of both Americans and Italians. In contrast with Italians, who are used to support each other within family, Americans are more individualistic and so less resistant to external factors of the environment. It is common for the author to appeal to history in order to support his opinion. This makes him sound more intelligent.

The article discovers the topic from the very depth. To begin with, the writer introduces a very controversial thing. While he compares Americans with Italians, he states that due to poverty, Italians are ready to the worst every day. In this sense, Americans are a little bit spoiled. The writer claims that if a crisis happens tomorrow, America will fall, because people are not ready to respond. I guess his own experience is valuable to make such statement as he had been living in both the US and Italy quite a long period of time. Another crucial point I want to add is that there already exists in the US the crisis of ideology. It means that America lacks appropriate values that may be exported. Since the US is the most powerful country in the world, it should theoretically offer their values to others. However, the author points out that money-making and consumption are the only ideology that America is able to offer so far. To cope with the problem, he suggests appealing to history. In the past, there was such thing as “American dream” that meant the following: every person has equal opportunities and every one could succeed. I am certain that the dream is not dead and New Jerusalem still could be built. The writer finishes in the most optimistic way possible saying that he believes in America and is going to come back.



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