Free Essay Sample «Formal Art Analysis»

«Formal Art Analysis»


Art and architecture is one of the most ancient and reliable form of the artists' work that is mainly regarded. Art and design forms architecture. It is most likely to be said the architecture originated Greece. This is why in doubt that most appealing structure ever made by artist are from Greece. The Parthenon being a temple where the Greece worshiped their gods, much concentration was given in the design of the structures.


In design, the artist try so much to come up the structures that are most appealing to the users. This raises competition kind of from the people who are using the structure and displays the artists quality. Metope architecture is used in the design of the temples of Aphaia at Aegina. The temple of Aphaia was first built using the wooden architecture unlike the Aegina which war put up directly using the stone architecture. This could mean that the temple of  Aphaia was put up long before the Aegina was set. This is due to the fact that wooden architecture was long used before the stone architecture came up. However later on, the stone architecture was used in both structures to merge the modern art market and demand.


Paintings in Greek temples were done with very powerful color design architecture. The two temples in reference are in doubt different. The white color was used to paint the crepidoma, columns and architrave. Decorations of various colors were then put  in the walls. Blue  triglyph is considered to be the most appealing  used in the temple of Aphaia while red is used in Aegina. Ornamental sculptures are however seen in both temples and they are of a wide range of colors and naunces. Paintings however were not done to all parts of the structure. The parts that were painted are the columns and the horizontal elements while geison was left unpainted.  They were not however just left blank but they were made with limestone or white stucco.

The very part that could not be easily distinguished is the elevation of the two temples. In as much that the elevation of the three zones was divided into three zones, there existed a slight difference. The difference came to the number of columns that made the elevations. The temple of Aphaea used the Metope architecture in the later times to put up larger blocks in width and height while those  used in Aegina are smaller. The roofs looked at a distant have tiles in both temples.

In the temples, statues are preexisting. They are of various shapes and sizes. However they signify the same meaning when it comes to religious view. A representation of a godess statue in Aphaea and another in Aegina are not necessarily very similar in architecture but they represent the godess. What was seen important in the statues was the myths put forward in the praise.

Similarly to speak, the structures are of similar height and the orientation easily calls it a worship center. In topographic point of view, the temples can be viewed from any side and on each view, they seem similar from all sides.


Generally to speak, the two temples have depicted very high technology in architectural  design. The fact that the two temples in Greece were built in a very long past time, they seem very strong and stand erect. This is one way we can appreciate the quality art used in  the construction. It still remains that the type of art used in the construction and decorations of the two temples is what is used today. If anything, most worship buildings use the same architecture to construct the worship ecnters.



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