Free Essay Sample «Comic Visions and Revisions»

«Comic Visions and Revisions»

Theresa Tensuan has compared the works of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolisand Lynda Barry’sOne! Hundred! Demons! to explore the ways in which these comic novels facilitate the decisive point of views of various aspects of real life. Tensuan made a point that these graphic works emphasize the behavior of depicted figures in resisting, subverting, and yielding the social coercion. The Barry's narrators and Satrapi’s persona questioned the enforced codes of society. She also analyzed the ways in which they counteract the community postulations that limit the roles of an individual in suppressed society. Tensuan specially discussed the personification of Iranian women presented in Persepolis after the Islamic revolution of 1979. The religious, political, and gender limitations restrict females and liberalize males in Iranian society. Tensuan saluted Satrapi on her ‘critical visions’, which helped her to maintain a direct relationship with Iranian oriental values and culture and isolated herself from the impacts of westernization. On the other hand, Tensuan criticizes that Satrapi did not take much influence of French culture and+ that one cannot see Persepolis in the context of a transitional and mixed culture. Persepolis is a story in simple characters which introduce social and cultural aspects of “the Middle East" to the west. American and British cultural icons appeared in many parts of Persepolis also attracted readers from these origins. Tensuan explained political and economic relation among these regions and Iran, which strengthen the significance of illustrations in Persepolis. Tensuan also emphasized on the inner transitions of Satrapi’s characters in the collision of western and Islamic forces in Iran after revolution. Tensuan concluded the discussion by declaring the works of Barry and Satrapi as alternative practices of imagination and inscription which deeply indulged the reader.

The source of the article is a valued portal of online journals. The strength of the article is the use of others’ perspectives and analyses. The reference list is also credible and composed of diverse scholarly works. Tensuan explored the ways of comic expression in both writers’ works very well. The argument is well discussed and supported by credible citations. The comic narration and vision portrays the suppression and disturbances of real life issues. The argument can be much stronger if the other works of Satrapi have also been used for analysis.



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