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Color Differentiation

Buy custom Color Differentiation essay

Color preference can be distinguished by age or gender. Preference for a particular color relates with the way we see things or even the way we want things to be. Blue tend to be the favorite color in both male and female of all ages while orange is the least favorite color. Yellow and brown tend to look similar to orange only that brown is a bit darker and yellow is lighter. These colors share the same interest in people and that is dislike. It is ironical the way people like and dislike colors because people don’t like orange which symbolizes happiness and like blue which symbolizes sorrow and coldness. Women seem to prefer bright colors to dull colors whereas men like the vice versa. When it comes to age the older prefer purple to green while the younger prefer green and blue to purple (American Chemical Society 23).

According to color psychologists, colors are emotionally and physically influenced by art and the way we see them. For example, Eskimos have more than 15 names to describe different colors of snow whereas they don’t recognize other colors like indigo. In Asia and Europe there are only five or less words to define the different colors. The knowledge of colors differs with where one comes from. For instance, in United States black is meant for mourning whereas purple and gold symbolizes the same in other countries. It has been discovered that mental health affects the way we see colors (New Zealand Fruit growers' 31). For example people with schizophrenia especially children, who are in the stage of differentiating colors, tend to prefer orange and red to other colors. Men are the ones likely to become color blind as they grow old. 

Investigations and experiments have proven that red is antagonistic to blue. This was proven by a colors psychologist named biren by raring rats in different rooms. One room containing rays of blue and the other red .the rat rared in blue light grew the same rate with the rat in normal light while the rat in red light grew slowly at first and after some days it started growing faster than the other rats.

Many nations all over the world have been using different colors in their flags to symbolize different aspects of life. For example green symbolizes life and prosperity; red and blue symbolizes bravery while white symbolizes peace (Microfilms 12).The major colors are also hugely implemented in companies when producing different kinds of products. For instance, white is largely applied as theme color in soaps and detergents. This is so as to symbolize cleanliness.

Over the years, colors have been changing consistently. This may be due to diversity and also as a result of the need for change from what they have grown used to with time. This has resulted in many different shades of the colors. These shades include for example, Bermuda blue, brick red, light green among others. The change in colors over the years has also led to beatification. For instance, the photos produced currently are prettier than those that were taken in the previous decade (School library journal 24).

Generally, colors have become an identity that people have become fond of with time. The choice lies in the eyes of an individual on their preference to different colors. After all, it is a free world where everyone can make their own choice.

Buy custom Color Differentiation essay

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