Free Essay Sample «Audience Analysis»

«Audience Analysis»

1.WHAT CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AUDIENCE MUST YOU CONSIDER? - Here are some of the characteristics of: A) Stockholders: They are only enthusiastic about the profit/loss of the quarterly performance. They like presentation to be brief and to the point. They want to quickly know the reasons for profit/loss. They are often impatient with detail. B) Managers: They are the leaders of the company and want to know how well the management policies and procedures function in the quarter. They are dynamic, hardworking, disciplined, and austere. C) Salespeople: They are essentially driven by sales targets and might already know the likely profit/loss for the quarter. They are very goal-orientated and highly motivated people. Generally, they are approachable and friendly. D) Customers: They are mainly interested in the benefits of the products/services of the company. They are often keen, observant, analytical, and critical.

2.WHAT COMMUNICATION CHANNELS ARE APPROPRIATE? -Power Point and overhead projector are modern tools for presentation. Writing board must be available for writing to explain any key points during the presentation. If the group of people is small, normal voice speaking would be sufficient. If the group is large, microphone must be used.

3.WHAT ARE SOME CONSIDERATIONS TO KEEP IN MIND GIVEN THE DIVERSITY OF THE AUDIENCE? - The presentation must be: A) Brief, simple, and to the point. Use simple instead of difficult words/sentences as some people might not be highly educated. B) As far as possible, provide equal time and/or contents for each group of the audience and avoid, except for answering customers’ questions, too much focus or attention on any particular group.

4.HOW DO YOU ENSURE YOUR MESSAGE IS EFFECTIVE? – Presentation must be precise and concise. Do not always talk and look at the visual aids; there must be friendly eye-contact with the audience throughout the presentation. Avoid being judgmental; must always keep an impartial outlook. - If possible, try to enliven the presentation with some humors.



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