Free Essay Sample «Analyzing and Response»

«Analyzing and Response»

To start with, there are two similar and at the same time very different pictures. Each of them represents some part of an unknown city. Nevertheless, first picture is modern and realistic, while the second one is more futuristic. Therefore, it is interesting to define and then analyze different questions that can be raised while looking at these pictures.

The first question, which is important to consider is why both of these pictures have skyscrapers. One of many possible answers would be that nowadays skyscrapers are considered to be masterpieces of architecture. Nevertheless, they also carry some important meaning. For instance, they can symbolize the current population growth and the need for more compact housing in the centres of big cities for many families. In addition, these skyscrapers can also explain modern capitalistic society. In fact, capitalism contributed to the recent raise of corporations and business centres, which usually require tall office buildings for all the employees.

The next issue to discuss would be the contrast of grey buildings and the bright wheat field on the first picture. There is also a piece of land, which separates this field from the site, which may represent that our natural resources can be used for diverse purposes and people have to decide how to utilize them. The construction and the building sites can also represent creation of a new future, which is becoming more industrialized and less agrarian. Nowadays, there is a clear separation between urban and rural locations while more and more people, especially youngsters, are striving to live in the big cities. As the result, many rural regions experience degradation from the lack of development and qualified work force. Therefore, skyscrapers can highlight the prosperity of nation or even success of one segment of society and complete fail of another one.

In addition, it is important to understand what the woman on the field represents. Potentially, she can embody those who suffered from the new shift of power from people to business corporations. The woman is standing in the middle of the field suspiciously looking forward. She is holding a stick, which may also be a tool for working with the ground. Thus, she can also represent rural people who survive only by working in the fields or farms. The woman is middle aged, that is why she can also represent older generation of people or even mothers who are metaphorically left standing in the middle of the field loaded with work, without any support from anyone. As it was already noticed, many young people are leaving rural areas as well as their parents.

On the other hand, if skyscrapers and modern corporations create such an important disparity between societies then why they are positively depicted on the second picture. For example, the weather on the second picture is very good. The sunshine with blue sky and clean white clouds is making the city extremely bright. In fact, light weather and clear day have always been symbols of prosperity and good life. There are also new forms of buildings, which contain natural elements, such as trees and green plants. These natural elements can express the author’s idea that people will find a way to integrate industrialization, urbanization and natural environment. This picture is quite futuristic and that is why it may be so positive. The author of the picture could also imply that despite modern difficulties we can still expect the bright future.

All in all, both pictures are similar but pose different questions. For example, the first picture may describe some negative elements of modern economic system, such as urbanization and industrialization. However, the second one is more positive and creates a vision of bright future with many perspectives. Overall, by asking different questions it is possible to define the main themes and different important elements of each picture.



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