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«American Government»

The America's national government has three branches. They include the congress, executive and the federal courts. The head of the government is the president. His powers are shared with the judiciary system and the congress. The judiciary and the congress are independent of each other but usually depend on the decisions of the other to function correctly. According to Haskin, (1911), America is a Federal constitutional Republic of fifty states that together make up the United States. The constitution is the highest or the supreme law of the land. The name of the republic appears on money, legal cases and treaties. The term national government shows a link with the federal government.

The government was established in 1789. This makes America the first modern national constitutional republic. The federal government is comprised of legislative, judicial and executive branches. They obtain powers from the constitution, the president and the federal courts (Supreme Court). Duties and powers of these branches are also provided by acts of congress. The federal system divides government’s powers to local government, state and the national government. The Constitution under federalism provides that each level of the regime has autonomy in given areas and lack of powers in others (The laws of the United States of America). For example, the power to tax enjoyed by both state and the federal but only federal government can declare a war.

The congress is made of the House of Representatives with 435 voting members who serve a two-year term. Every state has a representative in the House. There are six members who do not vote. They consist of one resident commissioner and five delegates. The congress branch of the government is intended to prevent deception, protect civil liberties, ensure that people comply with the law, public education appraise the executive performance (Wilson,1986). It is applicable everywhere including to the president, cabinet, executive agencies, and regulatory commissions.

The Constitution provides the following powers to Congress: punish counterfeiting; the powers to tax; establish infrastructure; regulate money value; create federal courts lower to the Supreme Court ; issue patents, battle felonies; declare war; create regulation and naval forces ; discipline the military; support the army and navy, others (Wilson,1986). The executive branch of the federal government is vested in the president of the United States of America. However, the power is mostly assigned to the cabinet members and other government officials. The president and his vice are usually elected as running mates by the Electoral College.

Over the two hundred years since the United States’ government was created, many issues have arisen over the amounts of powers of in the federal government. These disputes are usually overseen by the Supreme Court. The powers of the federal government have over time expanded considerably. This is exceedingly notable after the civil war. However, there were times since domination of the legislative branch, when the federal power was limited or by constitutional interpretation of the courts, legislative action, and executive sanction (Wilson, 1986).

The congress failed in the reduction of national debts. They also failed to pass a real budget in 2011 and the government almost shut down. The congress also failed by way of inaction. The congress failed in performing their intended actions. The little that they performed was not done productively. This in turn brought down the economy that the current congress took over. The economic growth was remarkably low with a low improvement in the gross domestic product. The unemployment rates also remained high with the congress doing less to improve it. They only got credit for establishing the free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

It is failure in the government that led to the great depression in 1929 among other downfalls to the Americans. These failures can be addressed in many ways. It could be through taking these failures as a constraint and working around them. For example, a wage subsidy to the youth in order to improve employment without violating labor laws. Another way could be addressing the sources of failure directly. For example, if the failure is on voters being poorly informed that they fail to notice the political inaction or corruption affect their daily lives, the government could help by making them more informed. These could be through various forms of education.

In conclusion believe that the American government is not broken. As much as it has some failures, it has tried to address them, and it continues to hold many successes. The changes in the national government have increased its capabilities. The reforms did not contradict the constitution powers hence this form of government has continued to adhere to the constitution. The constitution controls power and maintains a balance in the three branches.



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