Untrue College Myths

Untrue College Myths

Such words as education, years of studying, loan debts, student parties, sleepless nights, professional experience and dream careers by the end of the study may suggest some embarrassment. By graduating with a diploma, we expect the best to happen, being full of hopes and illusions. So, many may turn out to be just a myth. All you need is to think carefully and develop your own future plan, just weigh all advantages and disadvantages. Tutors tend to fill student’s heads with wrong theories that don’t have anything common with reality. The following myths show how far they are from being true.

Making Choice It’s not about Your First One that Is Major

It’s really sad when an applicant has no chance or enough time to think well about his/her future direction and his/her own preferences. You definitely know the phrase about ‘receiving education anyway.’ So, often applicants make choices but then realize that they do not really want this profession because it’s not only about money. It’s about their opportunities to grow in a particular field, self-development and a career of their dreams and life. Fortunately, there is always an option that gives you an opportunity to reconsider your specialization and select your dream career, even if it isn’t your first choice.

Best Results for only Best Students

Do you really think that your “record book” and assessments play the role? Assessments mean nothing. In real life and life’s circumstances, first and foremost, you are going to use the balance of your knowledge, productivity and inspiration. Besides, as practice shows, many ‘best students’ don’t even work on specialty, moreover, many of them are in search of a job. It’s mistakenly to think that you are on the top only because of your “perfect grade book.” Real life and “a record book” are absolutely different things.

School Friends Are not the Same as They Used to Be

It’s a totally wrong statement. Seriously, is it about the distance that separates true friends and breaks the real friendship? Yes, of course, the things are different from the way they were while studying at school. But if it is a close relationship that both people cherish and try to keep on, the distance means nothing, believe me.

Your Student Life should Be Dedicated to Entertainment

Student’s time is, for sure, incredible and special time in your life, there is no need to strive to be a nerd student. Just appreciate your student’s time and enjoy the best moments of it. Clever students are able to combine entertainment and study without any harm. Sleepless nights, lots of fun, crazy incredible things, true friendship and love have to be in your life, for sure. Student life is one to remember about for the whole life. Just make your memories correctly and don’t miss the most important and crucial things!

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