Top 8 Tips for Every Cook to Know

Top 8 Tips for Every Cook to Know

I am sure that there is a long way to perfection, especially culinary perfection. However, there are some simple tips that will help you get better results right away. Consider the following list of tricks to get the most out of your cooking skills.

  1. Your Meat Needs Browning

If the recipe states that browning of meat is important, do not ignore it. It’s not the color that matters but the taste. Thus, do not simply fry the meat in a warm pan; make sure the pan is hot enough. Moreover, do not overload the pan (you need to see its bottom). Otherwise, you won’t get the desired flavor of meat since the steam will prevent it from proper browning.

  1. It Takes Time to Soften Onions

Depending on what you are cooking, the step of softening onions (carrots, tomatoes, or celery) goes as one of the most important ones. No cook will share the real time it takes. Some say 1-2 minutes are enough while others claim it takes 5 hours. Considering my experience, I’d say you need 20-30 minutes to get perfect onions.

  1. Chicken Stock is the Best Option in many Cases

Since chicken stock blends harmoniously, it is recommended to use it almost in most cases. If you want to get a balanced dish, consider savory chicken as an option.

  1. Pick the Meat Carefully

It is vital to choose the proper meat especially if you plan slow cooking. Even though it takes more resources and preparation, it is really worth it. Better pick some market meat rather than supermarket plastic boxes with “god knows what inside”.

  1. Use Different Sweet Spices

As far as I’m concerned, many cooks stick up to vanilla as if it is the only sweet spice. Keep in mind that vanilla doesn’t go with many desserts, for example, a tiramisu. Consider adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger instead.

  1. Use Different Kinds of Sugar

You typically use white sugar when cooking a dessert, right? Why not try light muscovado or golden caster instead? Give your pastry more interesting and complex flavor by making these simple changes.

  1. Don’t Focus on oven Temperatures

The best way to bake well is to think of a dial in old-fashioned terms. This means you have low, moderate, and hot temperatures. It is also recommended to use your senses. If you see and smell that food is done, it almost always is. For reassurance, you can use a food thermometer to get an answer straight away.

  1. Take into Account Serving Temperatures

It is important to know serving temperatures. For example, most dairy-based dishes, custards, and rice puddings are better served warm rather than “piping hot”. It concerns many dishes, with the exception of chips, which are best served hot.

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