Top 5 Tips to Make Writing Fun

Top 5 Tips to Make Writing Fun

Are you struggling with how to write better, but can’t succeed? Do you lack inspiration and can’t express your ideas the way you want? Then you have landed in the right place, because we will teach you how to turn the challenging task of writing into a fun activity.

You have probably worked hard to picture writing as something horrible and draining your mind. It doesn’t have to be this way! Find out how you can make the writing process more engaging, creative and fun with these 5 easy tips!

Challenge Yourself

If you set a goal, which you’re determined to achieve, then the chances of achieving success will increase remarkably. If you set a challenging goal, you will be even more interested in achieving it. Make your goal difficult and urgent so that you don’t have that much time on thinking. Such goals are never set in vague language; they’re always measurable and precise. For example, set a goal to finish an essay in 30 minutes even if it usually takes you 2 hours. Can you make it? Try yourself!

Use the Style of Other People

A lot of artists use this trick. Beginner musicians try to copy their favorite musicians before they create they own unique style. Beginner painters also copy the works of their favorite artists to get better at what they’re doing. It takes time to develop your own technique, and starting with copying someone whom you admire is generally a very good idea. Pretend that you’re someone else, but don’t get too carried away by it, because your ultimate goal should be developing your own writing style.

Reward Yourself

If you associate completing a writing task with a reward, then you will have much more motivation to complete your next writing assignment. Rewards make you happy and inspire, and inspiration is exactly what you need for writing. What’s the good prize for you? Massage, wiener coffee or a piece of cheesecake? Decide what’s best for you and reward yourself upon reaching each new milestone – you deserve it.

Write to Someone

It can be anything – starting from a simple e-mail and ending with a letter to Santa. Writing to someone real is fun because it creates ties in real world that can become very useful in the future. You will do your best to write a clear and concise piece of writing because you want the recipient to understand your message. And it greatly differs from the assignment of your professor!

Write about Something that Interests You

You will always provide better results if you write about something that you’re passionate about. I’d say more – you’ll be genuinely surprised by how much you are able to write when it comes to something that truly ignites your interest. That’s when a challenging process will surely turn into a fun and engaging activity.

Use these top 5 tips and you are bound to notice a shift in your writing. Express yourself, get creative and have fun with writing!

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