Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

In the ideal world professors are role-models who set an example of inner values and behavior. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in the ideal world. Even with best classes and being a part of the best educational institution you can’t be sure that you won’t come across a crazy professor. In case you already messing with one, here are top 10 ways to deal with a professor that you don’t like.

Know your Professor

Listening to the opinions of others is useful, but in case with professors, you’d better rely on your own experience. If you enter the classroom with prejudices against your professor without even knowing him or her, chances are that you can become the source of problems.

Show Respect

You can’t give disrespect and expect to get respect in return. Even if your professor behaves badly in your opinion, if you show some respect, he or she may follow your example.

Listen and Be Patient

If a certain professor openly shows that students are inferior and shouldn’t be taken seriously, the main thing is not to react. Stay calm and show your professor that you’re the one that should be taken as an example, not them.

Be Punctual

Some professors are very demanding in terms of discipline. Make a strong determination to be punctual at least for the classes of the professors who demand discipline.

Do Your Homework

Well, that seems too obvious and not just in terms of dealing with a mean professor, but first and foremost, to reach the main goals of your education, which are knowledge and skills. After all, even kind and soft professors require their students to do homework. So, why should the mean ones be any different?

Talk to Them

You may dislike professors due to different reasons. Maybe, it’s their teaching style or harsh attitude in regard to grading. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t keep your dislikes inside. Go and talk to your professor and tell them exactly what you don’t understand or what problem you have with their teaching style. If you don this politely and in a calm manner, chances are that you can get an adequate response.

Confront Them

If your professors act indecently and their behavior clearly shows that they don’t deserve the title they have – you can stand up and question their attitude. You can make a video and show it to their management. The truth will always win.

Consider Changing the Class

If nothing works or you don’t want to wait until it works, consider changing the class. If you have tried everything on the list and haven’t noticed any changes for the better, then it can be a really viable option. However, you shouldn’t think that your next professor will be an angel – check all options first and only then make a decision.

May all your professors be excellent at teaching!

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