Tips on Writing a Proposal Speech Sample

Tips on Writing a Proposal Speech Sample

Proposing to your love mate is a very special moment that requires you to be exceptionally creative and romantic to make it never-to-be-forgotten. Therefore, everything you say or do should be properly thought-out and prepared.

What Is a Proposal Speech Sample?

A proposal speech sample is a template of how to pop the question in the way that would be soulful and amorous. You will not find any direct requirements regarding its content or structure. Therefore, you are the only person to decide how the written piece will look like. 

A Pattern to Follow While Writing a Proposal Speech

The very moment, when I saw you, is enchased in my heart forever because it dramatically altered my life. You were so happy and light-hearted on that day when I glimpsed your unfamiliar face yet dancing in a crowd. It was my sister’s birthday, and how lucky I was that you had been invited. I fastened my eyes on you for the entire evening.

I sacredly keep every second spent with you in my heart. I was kind of caught off-guard and you truly astounded me. Never have I doubted that my family will embrace you. I got melted when I saw you playing with my small sister. I take pride in how you have found the way with my nearest and dearest. It only confirmed my intentions to share my whole life with a person like you.

I could not imagine what my life would be without your brightness and joy of life, without your spontaneous decisions and adventurous streak, without your singing and dancing when you do not suspect to be spotted. Sharing thoughts and dreams with you is a sheer bliss as we see eye to eye. There is nobody else in the world who can understand me that well. I am not afraid to come down with flu if you stay with me and look after me.

You are my source of inspiration to move forward every morning. This is you that I want to be a superhero to. My desire is to get constantly better and to become a helpmate that you will always be proud of.  You encourage me for frenzied actions. I know that together we will find the place where our happiness is hidden. Our motives and wishes coincide so we can make it all come true when coming along on the way. 

Nobody else could be a reliable friend, a wise advisor, a sensible teacher, a courageous companion for traveling, the mother of our future kids, and my wife, all at the same time.

I promise to do my best to be the partner you have always dreamt of. You deserve the best in this world. From now on, this is my responsibility never to let your magnificent smile fade. I am so grateful to have received such a perfect gift like you. I want everybody to know how precious you are for my heart.

We will share the same last name and I am eagerly waiting for the day when our family will be extended and we will become loving parents. You are the woman I want for better and worse, for richer and poorer, in health and sickness. My heart is about to burst as I am waiting for your answer. My dear, will you marry me?

As you are writing a proposal, try to be the most sincere and original. There is no need to be afraid to look ridiculous. Choose the words that will show your true feeling and passion for her!


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