The Controversial Topic of Abortion

The Controversial Topic of Abortion

Abortion is definitely a highly controversial topic in our society, and opinions on that matter are in strong contrast. On one side, there are people who think that abortion is a terrible thing that should be forbidden. Their main argument is that abortion equals to murder. On the other hand, there are people who consider abortion to be a matter of free choice, and one can’t call it murder. In my opinion, the objective way to look at this is to take into consideration the stage of the fetus development. If fetus is at an early development stage, it's not murder; however, if the fetus has developed into the stage when it reminds a human being, it can be called murder.

There can be many occasions when abortion is desirable. If pregnancy is complicated, and the mother may face dire consequences if she leaves the child, it is completely understandable if her decision will turn in favor of abortion. The birth-giving mother should have the right to make the decision, because there’s no other person that knows her condition better. After all, she will become the home for that baby for the following 9 months, so it should be up to her to choose if she is willing to do it or not.

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Abortion shouldn’t be considered murder if it’s performed during the first 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. According to science, during this period the fetus isn't considered a human being. Nevertheless, Pro-Life activists state that no matter the stage of pregnancy, abortion is murder and crime. On the other side, some extreme pro-abortionists think that even a week before birth the woman has the right to have abortion. I think that both of these points of view are the extremes which make abortion such a controversial topic. Pro-life activists are wrong, because the fetus isn't equal to a human being: it’s only a biological entity aamidst its developmental stage during the first weeks of pregnancy. Extreme pro-abortionists are also wrong because one week before the full birth a baby is a conscious human being, taking a life of which is close to committing murder.

From my standpoint, as long as these two extremities are avoided, abortion is a normal act. What makes my point difficult to prove is that it may be hard to say at which stage the fetus turns into a human being. There is no clear line to define when abortion becomes murder and when it should be allowed. However, it is fair to leave the right to decide to parents of the child. In my opinion, parents shouldn’t be allowed to have abortion after the first 10-12 weeks of pregnancy when the fetus achieves later stages of development. This rule should be equal in all states.

As for now, abortion remains a serious issue and requires further research and understanding.

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