The Best Books for Men

The Best Books for Men

If you need inspiration, read great works of literature. Below you will find the list of books with various characters who may become your helpers and new role models.

Books Every Man Should Read

Warriors Of The Storm: The Last Kingdom Series, by Bernard Cornwell

Set in the Britain of Alfred the Great, 10th century. The author masterfully revives this era describing one of the best historical fiction characters and keeping you glued to the end.

Razor Girl, by Carl Hiaasen

This book is written in an exceptionally funny manner. Being set in the surreal world, it is definitely worth reading, especially if you have never read Hiaasen before.

The Fight, by Norman Mailer

A double Pulitzer Prize winner and best sports book ever written. It describes the historic fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, providing an insight into the characters of two fighters and a detailed account of the contest.

Altered Carbon, by Richard Morgan

This book describes the 25th century. The humanity is digitized and immortality is rendered to the wealthy. Stars are open for colonization. One of the galaxy’s oldest and richest multi-centenarians commits suicide and an investigation starts…

Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller

This play won a Pulitzer Prize in 1949. Its protagonist, an aging salesman, attempts to attain the American Dream. The author masters the art of written conversation and creates an incredibly deep character who loses grasp of reality and faces tragic consequences.

Disclaimer, by Renee Knight

This Suburban Noir thriller centers on the book that reads just like the life story of the protagonist, relating to a dark incident from her past and raising her secrets onto the surface.

All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

The winner of 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Set in occupied France during World War II, this catchy and touching story tells about an 8-year-old German orphan and a 6-year-old blind French girl whose paths inevitably cross.

A Brief History of Seven Killings, by Marlon James

A Booker Prize winner and a truly outstanding novel. It involves multiple people from all walks of life and narrates the events, which followed the shooting of Bob Marley.

Indeed, good reading habits are essential for every man. Read more books, develop yourself, and find new inspiration.

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