Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Comparing to High School College is a completely different planet. It has its own philosophy and environment. Beside your classes, you need to study a lot more vital lessons to become a winner. One of those lessons is communication with your professors. Unfortunately, people are subjective creatures. Once, you haven’t got on with your teacher, and this situation may affect the whole course. Sometimes it is easy to interact with teachers, sometimes not. We offer you a short guideline that will help to solve your academic issues.

How not to Awaken the Dragon: Tips for College Students

Growing up Is a Hellish Work

You need to understand that college is your training before the real life. Difficult tasks, tight deadlines and inflexible professors – that’s what you have to go through to learn something. It’s not about teacher-student relationship, but about reaching your potential and learning to work hard.

Useless Classes Do not Exist

For every professor, their classes and courses are their own child. They dedicate a lot of work and efforts to it. So whenever you skipped a class (it doesn’t matter what reason do you have), never ask your lecturer if you’ve missed something important. The viable option would be to make up everything you know about that skipped session and then (after showing your notes to professor) to ask what else you have missed.

Your GPA Is Your Problem

Believe me, each of your teachers has already had their GPA’s. Now they don’t have to care about them. If you have some expectations, do your best in advance. You’re not going to achieve your goal if you think of the GPA during the last week. Moreover, a teacher won’t be able to help you with that.

Student Ethics Is Your Image

Always be respectful. It doesn’t matter if your professor is 35 or 55. Even if your lecturer is super friendly and easy to get on with, remember of the teacher-student subordination. Never forget you’re talking to an authority figure.

Earn Your Grades

Don’t ask for grades, don’t argue for grades, and don’t trade for grades. Be honest and do your tasks properly. If your grade is lower than you’ve expected, ask what else you can do to earn a better grade.

The last one, remember that teachers are also humans. We’re not perfect by default. Chin up and good luck.

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