Religion in Schools: Yes or No?

Religion in Schools: Yes or No?

It’s a common knowledge that religion is a world-wide phenomenon. It plays a massive role in the lives of people all over the world. Many families raise their children according to their religion. The want them to know and respect their religion, just like they do. So it’s not surprising that they want educational institutions to continue religious education of their children. However, the problem is that one school may accept the representatives of several religions. Such a situation can negatively affect children’s school experience by dividing them into religious majority and minorities and stirring discrimination. That is why educational systems of progressive democratic countries are based on the opinion that religion and education should be separated.

Representativs of any religion, as well as not religious people, should have equal access to all the levels of education. In order to avoid conflicts, we should not allow education and religion interfere. Instead of teaching children religious doctrines, schools should be teaching them tolerance and open-mindedness. Moreover, there are specialized educational institutions for people who seek religious education.

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Nevertheless, there is a great number of countries where public education is interconnected with the predominant religion of the state. Such a situation infringes the rights of religious minorities. Children who don’t belong to the religion taught at school are very likely to face bullying and rejection. Eventually, the fact that the government financially suupports such a domination of one religion over the others may result in revolts.

So, should we eliminate everything concerning religion from education process? No, not exactly. Children of any nation should be aware of other religions in order to be able to communicate effectively with the representatives of different nations. The solution to this issue would be to have a studying course, which would provide children with general knowledge of characteristics and basic notions of world religions instead of teaching them the belief system of one particular religion.

All in all, in its essence, religion is an absolutely positive phenomenon. However, it should be treated carefully in order to avoid conflicts between the representatives of different confessions.

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