Relationships in College: Their Impact on Your Adulthood

Relationships in College: Their Impact on Your Adulthood

How Relationships in College Shape Your Dating in Adulthood

As soon as you enter college, you realize that ahead of you there are four the most important years. During this time, students prepare for their dream jobs, join various clubs, and, of course, date with different people. College is full of options. You can remain with the person you dated in high school, find a close friend, or even discover a romantic partner. You can also live a single life. Ana Weber, a relationship expert, explains how each of these partnerships affects the way you will date becoming an adult.

Staying with Your Partner from High School

You’ve packed all of your suitcases and ready to begin your first year of college! However, you still cannot live without your high school sweetheart. Thus, he or she is probably coming to the same place where you go, or going to study in California film school, and you must agree on a long-distance relationship. Some of such relationships can sometimes be really happy and successful. Weber called this example as “shared identity”. In this case, each partner belongs to their own person, but still they can go on compromise in order to save the union. Nevertheless, those who begin dating early might face the risk of feeling uninterested and bored later.

Beneficial Friends

You might also be one of those who is engaged in a great amount of intercourse but no more. You are devoid of pressure, quarrels, and commitment. It means that you take advantage of this friend. This relationship is purely sexual and not monogamous. In fact, from this relationship you may have such benefit as physical euphoria.

Weber states that having such kind of a partner helps you differentiate the emotional commitment from no commitment and define what you expect from your future relationship. Being a student you might not have enough time for romantic relationships but you need somebody to go along with you.

Monogamous Relationship

In college you meet various young people who have many similar interests with you. Thus, if you begin seeking a girlfriend, you will undoubtedly have a friend who knows the girl you like. So, take advantage of this!

Although you think that in college you are not mature enough, it isn’t so. During this period you might even fall in love. Settling too early may lead to the fact that you will feel discontented and will regret in the future about being too hasty. Weber admits that the main problem while dating is that some people can’t understand the difference between contented lust and love.

Being Single

Some students are indifferent to dating process. Instead of spending time with their romantic partner, they devote their energy to sports, academics, and improve platonic partnerships. They feel comfortable and independent on their own. Nonetheless, being in a relationship might teach you a lot of things about life and especially about you as an individual. Those who didn’t have a significant other while studying at college, experience the lack of understanding and have too big expectations.

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