Point of View Essay Writing Guide

Point of View Essay Writing Guide

When you write a point of view essay, you have to remember that it has specific features, which make it differ from other types of essays. In such an essay, you have to provide some ideas regarding a certain literary work from the perspective of its narrator. Here you can find some useful steps you can take to write a high-quality point of view essay.


First of all, you should keep in mind that a point of view essay in not about retelling the content of the book. You must spend some time analyzing the story and its main hero in particular. Try to go deeper into the protagonist’s actions, thoughts, and motives. Avoid paraphrasing obvious things, which lay on the surface.

Theses Statement Crafting

Writing a good theses statement is a crucial step. Basically, your whole essay depends on it. This statement shouldn’t be longer than one sentence and it should present the main point of your essay, from the narrator’s perspective, of course. It might take you some time, but you have to make sure that you write at least two or three drafts and choose the best one.

Writing Body of the Essay

When writing your essay, you should pay attention to its being both informative and well-structured. Since you already have your main idea stated in the theses statement, your next step is to come up with several valid arguments to support it. Then, you should arrange all the information in such a way that readers could easily comprehend it. Write an introduction with the thesis statement, then several body paragraphs with your arguments and a conclusion where you summarize everything up.


Never skip the proofreading step. Not only should you reread it several times to spot some grammar mistakes or content inconsistencies, but have other people do it for you as well. We all know how extremely difficult it can be to notice mistakes in your own work.

To sum up, make an analysis of the literary work you are writing about, come up with your own creative ideas and their logical argumentation and record them in a clear and well-structured way. Then you’ll have an outstanding point of view essay.

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