Most Difficult College Classes Ever

Most Difficult College Classes


Probably, every student likes to complain about the complexity of their classes once in a while. However, there are students who have every right to do that. They take one of the three following classes:

Math at Harvard

It seems a bit surprising or even not trustworthy that first-year students can have a math class which is that difficult. However, Harvard freshmen can easily prove you otherwise. It is an incredibly difficult math class. In fact, it’s commonly regarded as the harshest math class an undergraduate can take in the United States. Why is it so extremely difficult?Well, students who take this class cover the amount of material equivalent to the one of a two year honors math program students. Can you imagine that? The vast majority of students would cover such a massive amount of math material in four years of studying.

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NYU’s Metaphysics Class

This one is especially surprising since Philosophy is rarely considered to be something of extraordinary difficulty. Yet, there is a Philosophy class which belongs to the most difficult classes across the country. Of course, this class is very different from other Philosophy classes which most of the students take. Here students don’t study just general Philosophy topics. They go way, way deeper. You won’t be able to complete this course successfully unless you are aware of and able analyze and discusss rather profound, complicated Philosophy matters.

Organic Chemistry at Various Colleges

In order to imagine how difficult this class is, you need to know only one thing about it: it is jokingly called “the pre-med killer.” However, it doesn’t seem funny to the pre-med students themselves at all. The class is so rigorous that many of them simply cannot cope with it. As a result, they decide to change their major. It’s not surprising since students who take Organic Chemistry class are expected to learn massive loads of information.

So, next time you complain about how difficult your courses are, just know that there are students who have it worse than you. And if you take one of the above-mentioned classes, brace yourself. We wish you a lot of energy and good luck! 

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