Example of a Synopsis

Example of a Synopsis

Most writers are not really into synopsis writing. The ones, who spent last years of their life on book writing, hate it because it seems daunting. Others claim that synopsis writing has nothing to do with art.

If you are also a writer who dislikes synopses, you have nothing but to come to terms with it. Like it or lump it, there’s no writer on earth, who can avoid writing synopsis. 

Every synopsis has a certain purpose: to persuade a potential editor to represent your written artwork. That’s why you have to remember that every written synopsis should be:

  • Concise
  • Well-organized
  • Evocative
  • Unique

Don’t forget that your purpose is not only to receive a good amount of money but to sell yourself as a promising author and writer, so try to avoid errors in grammar or spelling. Here is a proper example of a written synopsis.

A Prairie Home Zombie

A Synopsis

"You may be the queen of the undead army of cursed rotting souls, but you will surely get shot like everybody else."

—H. Riversand

Chase Prudence is a school teacher who lives a very peaceful life. He and his sister live in a small hacienda on the edge of the Riverside in New Mexico. He is a respected man who likes his job, is fond of weaving and horse-riding. Once he finds a stranger nearly dying in his barn, and his life becomes topsy-turned. He cures the stranger and finds out that she is that one notorious Hope Riversand who is running from the law.

She is wanted in numerous states for bank robbery and other crimes. She is well-armed and is not a kind of woman to play with. As Hope rehabilitates herself, she finds herself attracted to Chase. But she thinks they can never be together.

She is bewildered by Chase's character. He is caring and cherishes his sister who can’t recover from childhood shocks and is now sick with an illness when patients believe they are dead. Hope thinks Chase looks at her the same way he looks at his sister. Eventually, they fall in love and Chase proposes, but it is too much for Hope, so she takes Chase’s horse and flees to her rebellious life.

Betrayed and mad, Chase reveals his true nature. Under wraps of a quiet teacher, he is a witchdoctor. His sister Lilith is not sick, she is a zombie queen and has an army of the undead enchanted by her evil brother to serve his purposes. Chase wants Lilith to kill Hope.

They find Hope in a saloon drowning her grief. Then a huge battle happens. Hope manages to flee, but the army she is followed by is endless. She understands she won’t be free until she sorts things out with Chase. Soon Hope begins a battle against him. However, she can’t even realize what repercussions this war will have.

 So follow the rules and write from your heart, and your synopsis will become a true artwork.

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