Essay on the Problems of American Education

Problems of American Education

The modern economic challenges have put good education among the top priorities of every country. In order to develop a system that can compete with others on the international level, every nation has to be backed by educated professionals. However, the world is constantly changing and developing so everything needs to adjust in order to fulfill the requirements of today. The United States is the country that has gone through a lot of such changes, which, unfortunately, has not found its reflection in educational approaches. The idealistic picture of a workforce that was created by American culture in previous years is almost gone nowadays. What plays the most important role today is the entrepreneurial aspect of education.

The main problem that American education faces at this moment is the lack of support and educational strategy suitabl for those young people, who have an entrepreneur vision and want to realize themselves in this sphere. It is apparent that the education system is adjusted to train job seekers instead of those, who can produce these workplaces. The number of unemployed has not been this concerning since the time of Great Depression so training people to only hunt for jobs is not simply unsuccessful but it is also detrimental to the economic system of the United States. However, this situation is not hopeless. Education can become more productive if it changes its nature into the holistic type of learning through the emphasis on practice rather than theory. It is not that students do not want to start their own businesses – they do but afterward, they find themselves unable to rise to the challenge because they have not acquired the necessary skills.

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The issue should be addressed on both private and public levels to give all young people a chance to flourish in the current dynamic world. At this point, it all comes down to giving students as much practice as possible instead of overloading them with theoretical notions they cannot apply in real life. It is obviously easier said than done, and such task will require enormous effort and financial support, but the results it will yield will pay off completely. It is essential to prepare young people to fend for themselves in case they have to. Not everyone can work by their major, not everyone can find a job that will be good enough to support them, and not everyone will be able to realize their dreams. That’s when entrepreneurism comes into the game. Students need to know that there is always a plan B, and if their life did not go as planned, they can build a new version of it. That’s why acquiring practical skills is of vital importance.

The problems of American education are hindering upon the development of new independent professionals, who have groundbreaking ideas. The only thing they are lacking is the set of skills they could get through experimental learning based on practical assignments. This is the main change that should be undertaken in American education.

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