Essay on Friendship

Essay on Friendship

Key Qualities of a True Friend

Friends bring light into your life filling it with sense and pleasure. However, it is not that easy to find a friend who would stick with you irrespective of how trying the circumstances and problems are.  Accordingly, how can one identify a genuine friend?

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Friendship contributes to success and well-being of every individual. The main ingredients for a true friendship are trust and honesty. A friend is the one who you can always rely on while coming across challenges and hardships. He or she becomes a tower of strength to you when something is wrong.  Your mate always listens to your problems, provides you with valuable pieces of advice, and never talks behind your back. A genuine friend never envies your accomplishments and victories. He or she reveres you and guards all your secrets. With your friend, you can be candid about your imperfections and know for a fact that your revelations are safe. An unfailing friend is always faithful to you and never disappoints you. Being reliable is instrumental in any friendship. A genuine friendship is a blessing for all our honorable deeds. A true friend always tides you over in hard times, gives you the reason to smile, and cheers you up when you fail to do it yourself.


A genuine friend is a person who never abandons you and sticks together with you in time of joy and despair. It is of utmost importance to judge people correctly in order to choose a reliable companion for life. You should be watchful since there are lots of people who can effortlessly mislead you to gain their ignoble goals. Your true friend should help you move on the right path. You should be armed with patience and tolerance to keep a strong friendship. In the case of friendship, there must be no room for disbelief and suspicion.

Genuine friends are the biggest treasure in the world.  Friendship is all about doing your utmost to bring your friend happiness. Friendship is the greatest relationship that everyone can have as long as he/she is faithful, reliable, kind-hearted, considerate, and loving. True friends keep away from disagreements and do everything possible to cement their relationships.

A genuine friendship is hard to put into words. Friendship is all about crying together, doing stupid things together and being mad at each other. Genuine friends protect each other from emotional and physical pains. Although it requires a lot of time and patience to form a true friendship, it is fully compensated by immense benefits that friendship offers.


A strong friendship is hard to find. Hence, we should value this divine relationship, as friends are indispensable for our happy living. Moreover, we should be gracious to people who fill our life with happiness and always put our friends first. This way, we will always be surrounded by infinite love and care of our loyal friends.



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