Eating Disorders among University Students

Common Eating Disorders

Living in a university campus, you may either develop healthy habits you will stick to for your whole life, or breed bad ones that you will have to overcome at some point. One of these bad habits can be unhealthy eating that may result into developing an eating disorder. A survey held by a reputable association has shown that about 20% of university students suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. Since this is quite a high number, it is necessary to take measures and educate university students on eating disorders treatment and prevention.

Most importantly, every student suffering from an eating disorder needs to know that he/she should not be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it with others. He/she should ask for help whenever needed to avoid possible negative consequences. To be enlightened of the nature of the commonest eating disorders and know how to aid yourself and other people, read on the info below.

  • Anorexia. This eating disorder is frequently diagnosed in university students. A person who is suffering from it goes to extreme measures and stops eating, fearing that he/she will gain weight. This person also talks about weight gain very often, has a distorted image of his/her own body and continues sticking to a diet even when he/she is already underweight. Thus, the symptoms of anorexia are as follows: fear of gaining weight, obsession with diets, social withdrawal, and refusal from any form of food. Professional help is required as soon as possible to treat this disorder.
  • Bulimia. Those who suffer from bulimia tend to binge on different kinds of food in a short period of time and then purge (in other words, force vomiting) to get rid of it. The person who has bulimia also resorts to such extreme measures as taking diet pills, exercising excessively and so on. The symptoms of bulimia comprises: repeatedly going to different locations where food can be given, eating large amounts of food with no evident changes in the body shape, hiding food, as well as feeling a frequent smell of vomit. This disorder also needs immediate professional attention, partly because repeated vomiting leads to dehydration and other medical conditions.
  • Binge eating. This eating disorder is also common among university students. As you can understand from its name, the person who suffers from this disorder eats excessive amounts of food. Usually, he/she feels guilty and ashamed after having done this. The person with a binge eating disorder does not force vomiting like those who have bulimia. As a result, he/she frequently suffers from excessive weight or obesity. Like in case of other eating disorders, a person who has a binge eating disorder should be treated by special doctors.

Now you are aware of the commonest eating disorders and their symptoms. If you notice the symptoms of any of them in yourself or someone you know, do not hesitate to ask for help of a medical specialist. Keep in mind that the longer an eating disorder remains untreated, the harder it is to treat it.

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