Easy Ways to Find a Job for Beginners in Freelancing

Easy Ways to Find a Job for Beginners in Freelancing

When I was a novice in freelancing, I remember being obsessed with finding the best way to start my career. I was also investigating how other successful freelancers landed their first writing gigs and found out many different ways. Despite this, there was one similarity: all the beginners took action and tried hard to demonstrate their best skills. Although I found my first job in freelance writing very easy, I still remember having “hire me” blog post to attract potential employers.

If you are interested in freelance writing, you should know that persistence is important in this profession. You must be an active person in order to build your personal database of the clients that will bring you a constant profit. So, take action right now by checking these popular ways to start career in freelancing.

Launch a Blog

If you have enough writing samples or just willing to demonstrate your writing skills to the vast audience, starting a blog is a good way to allure prospective employers. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to create an online presence and launch your own brand by adding unique features to the blog. Remember that the task of your blog is to make you stand out of the crowd. Do not launch the blog if you plan to become “just another freelancer.”

Build Connections

I remember referring to my networks very often when I was looking for my first real job in freelancing. My blog also helped me to get acquainted with people who contributed to my career progress. When having a blog, you will definitely build good relationships with other bloggers in the same niche. Later, they may become your partners who will help you in getting hired.

Visit Job Boards

While you are still improving your blog and making new connections, you may start looking for a job on the popular job boards. On the other hand, you should be aware of the fact that not all work opportunities on job boards are equal for freelancers. Some employers tend to underpay the writers simply because they do not value freelance writing. Thus, there is always a risk that you will be unsatisfied with work opportunities found on job boards. So, it is necessary to refer to your networks and ask them to suggest you reliable employers.

In addition, check the websites that offer the best opportunities for freelancers:

  • Freelance Writer’s Den
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • Blogging Pro Jobs
  • Problogger Job Board

Cold Emailing

Although many professionals hate this practice, cold emailing is something that may bring you the first job. Contact prospective employers via emails or social networks checking whether they hire right now. Demonstrate your writing skills at the best light and you will definitely attract attention to your personality.

Be persistent in looking for your first job and you will certainly succeed. Good luck!

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