Easy Way Regarding Learning English

Easy Way Regarding Learning English

Being a student, you understand that studying is your personal responsibility. Learning English is considered one of those responsibilities that concern exchange and international students. Maybe you have already heard about such learning methods that can help some people while do not work for others at all. What studying method should you choose? The best recommendation would be finding out the method that is the most suitable for your personality. So, get to know which type of personality you are and take the advantage of those learning techniques of studying English that are appropriate for your character.


Perceivers are usually quite spontaneous. It’s no secret that they prefer going-with-the-flow and would rather not follow the structure. In fact, course structures and learning memorization may be very hard for them. Thus, a perceiving type of students ought to take into consideration the following suggestions:

  • Don’t procrastinate and try to study for some time with deadlines in order to develop time management skills;
  • Remember about completing tasks that are marked in your things-to-do list within that day and after that cross them off;
  • Another good idea would be to change your routine studying and do it in a different environment, so that your learning gets better and becomes more interesting.

A Sensing Type

Students who belong to this group should be aware of the fact that their most effective ways of learning are the ones related to using all of their senses. As a result, it is important for this type to concentrate on the practical aspect. Those with sensing type have high connection with the present. These tips are able to help them study best.

  • Taking part in various games, which is efficacious while retaining facts, concepts;
  • Creating outlines or diagrams for visualizing significant information;
  • Training your memory using flashcards.


Being an introvert means that you do better concerning reflection, inner thinking in comparison to social interaction. Since introverts always try to think before they speak, it is very difficult for them to discuss spontaneously. In fact, it is essential for them to implement these techniques:

  • When it comes to selecting a study group, opt for the one that prefers quiet reflections and doesn’t focus on verbal aspect.
  • Another great solution is having independent study sessions, they are ideal in quiet environments.
  • Creating mind maps is helpful in learning, because you can divide the material in several chunks.


Such people ask many questions and it is very interesting for them to find out new facts. They try to find relationship between various patterns. Intuitive type of students ought to consider these tips:

  • Keep yourself interested through linking concepts and seeking interpretations;
  • Use your imagination to memorize necessary information.


If social interaction is your cup of tea, there is a high possibility of you being an extrovert. These studying techniques will be beneficial for extroverts:

  • Learn the material by socializing actively.
  • Study in groups for the stimulation of your extrovert characteristics.

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