Detailed Guide to Definition Essay Writing

Detailed Guide to Definition Essay Writing

When reading an article, you notice a word with an unfamiliar meaning. What do you do? Right, you search for the meaning in the dictionary. This is how we learn new words. On the other hand, there are words and terms with complex meaning. Their general definition may be stated in a couple of sentences.

What Is It about?

Definition essay is a tricky assignment because it requires both formal and personal explanation of a term. In addition, the author cannot choose an easy word because there will be not enough material to develop the essay. Thus, the chosen term should be complex and involve substantial information about its origin.

Definition Essay Example Topics

  • Who is a leader?
  • How can you define love?
  • Explain the term of beauty.
  • How do you understand loyalty?
  • Describe heroism.

Definition Essay Outline

The length of both outline and paper depends on the chosen term. There are words with less complicated meaning that are easy to explain. On the contrary, some terms require more detailed research to be interpreted in detail. Regardless of the paper lengths, standard definition essay should follow general Introduction-Body-Conclusion outline.

Definition Essay Prewriting

  • First of all, choose an effective term. As it was stated previously, simple word, for example “a pencil”, will not be a proper choice for a definition essay. There should be depth in the meaning of the term. For instance, the word “writing” will give you enough room for research.
  • Do not pick a word that has universal meaning in many languages, for example, “a telephone” or “hello.”
  • Choose a word that is familiar to you but also has some aspects to explore. Ideally, the definition essay should uncover some hidden meaning of a popular term.
  • Effective word should also have a significant origin to be discussed in the definition essay.


This part of the essay should include both standard and thesis definitions of the term.

  • Standard definition is the dictionary variant of the term’s meaning. It helps the readers understand the general meaning of the word under analysis.
  • Thesis definition is a complete interpretation of the term’s meaning that includes personal explanation style of the author.

Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs as well as their structure may vary according to the depth of the term’s explanation. The example of an effective body paragraph structure is:

  • The first paragraph explains history and origin of the term.
  • The second paragraph provides complete dictionary explanation and usage of the word.
  • The third paragraph states personal definition that comes from individual experience.


This part of essay writing is the simplest because it requires restatement of the argument and summary of the main points of the discussion. The finalizing sentence may describe the impact of the word on the author and his definition.

Need Some Help with Definition Essay Writing?

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