Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Comparing to High School College is a completely different planet. It has its own philosophy and environment. Beside your classes, you need to study a lot more vital lessons to become a winner. One of those lessons is communication with your professors. Unfortunately, people are subjective creatures. Once, you haven’t got on with your teacher, and this situation may affect the whole course. Sometimes it is easy to interact with teachers, sometimes not. We offer you a short guideline that will help to solve your academic issues.

How not to Awaken the Dragon: Tips for College Students

Growing up Is a Hellish Work

You need to understand that college is your training before the real life. Difficult tasks, tight deadlines and inflexible professors – that’s what you have to go through to learn something. It’s not about teacher-student relationship, but about reaching your potential and learning to work hard. Continue reading

Detailed Guide to Definition Essay Writing

Detailed Guide to Definition Essay Writing

When reading an article, you notice a word with an unfamiliar meaning. What do you do? Right, you search for the meaning in the dictionary. This is how we learn new words. On the other hand, there are words and terms with complex meaning. Their general definition may be stated in a couple of sentences.

What is it about?

Definition essay is a tricky assignment because it requires both formal and personal explanation of a term. In addition, the author cannot choose an easy word because there will be not enough material to develop the essay. Thus, the chosen term should be complex and involve substantial information about its origin. Continue reading

How to Write 750-Word Essay

How to Write 750-Word Essay

When it comes to writing a long piece of academic writing, there are little of brave students who do not consider this action as a mundane torture. For most writing even a 750-word essay might seem to be quite a challenge; however, it is not that horrific. For you not to be petrified by the assignment, here are the guidelines by following which you may find that writing an extended essay is not an ordeal.

Primarily, always keep in mind that a good essay has a good structure, so that is what should be number 1 on your pre-planning stage. Think about dividing your essay into sections in such a way distributing the word amount of 750 words more or less evenly which guarantees you meeting the target of using the proper amount of words. Continue reading

Where to Get Paper Writing Help

Get Paper Writing Help

Many students often look for a good place to get college assignments assistance. Some of them prefer using different services for different types of tasks. Many of them prefer to register with several services that trust one certain custom writing company. Every student has his or her own reasons behind such a decision; however, most of them do not realize that they lose time and money instead of saving it. If you register with various websites, you are a casual user of each of them and thus lack the attention and understanding provided by one service team. In such a case, you do not have any constant relations with the writers. Contrariwise, if you register with only one service, it ensures that you are its constant user and they already know your preferences. In this case, a complete mechanism is established between you and the writer, and both of you know your functions. Besides, permanent users often get discounts. Continue reading

Writing Tips for Compare and Contrast Essay: Block Method

Compare and Contrast Essay

When you need to write a compare and contrast essay, you might have questions about the best ways to do this and get a high grade. We are here to help you with that. Read this article to learn how to write and organize a compare and contrast essay.

Main features of a compare and contrast essay

• You can mention only similarities or add differences as well in a comparison essay
• Write only about differences in a contrast essay
• Clarify the misunderstood or unknown facts
• State new opinions on the topic
• Talk about the subjects you compare and contrast and focus on the one that you consider the best
• In your thesis, specify if you are going to comparison or contrast, or both Continue reading