Religion in Schools: Yes or No?

It’s a common knowledge that religion is a world-wide phenomenon. It plays a massive role in the lives of people all over the world. Many families raise their children according to their religion. The want them to know and respect their religion, just like they do. So it’s not surprising that they want educational institutions to continue religious education of their children. However, the problem is that one school may accept the representatives of several religions. Such a situation can negatively affect children’s school experience by dividing them into religious majority and minorities and stirring discrimination. That is why educational systems of progressive democratic countries are based on the opinion that religion and education should be separated.

Representatives of any religion, as well as not religious people, should have equal access to all the levels of education. In order to avoid conflicts, we should not allow education and religion interfere. Instead of teaching children religious doctrines, schools should be teaching them tolerance and open-mindedness. Moreover, there are specialized educational institutions for people who seek religious education. Continue reading

Why Education Is Important?

Why Education Is Important
It’s not a secret that the vast majority of students don’t like the idea of studying. Nevertheless, education has a lot of benefits and has only the positive impact on our life. Education refers to the process of imparting knowledge to an individual. However, in real life, it seems to be more about drawing out a person’s hidden true potential. The world doesn’t need just literate citizens, but educated ones too. So, what’s the difference and why education is important?

  • ‘Knowledge is power’ – Francis Bacon
  • It is not just about classes in college and notes in textbooks, and it is not just a piece of paper. Education is about the valuable lessons of life that give us vital knowledge of the world and skills how to change ourselves to become better. Time spent in college helps you master both basic and advanced skills.

    Education develops in students a perspective of looking at life. It not only keeps our brain active but also helps us build opinions on different things in life. Knowledge through education is extremely important to shape our personality and enhance our behavior and relationships with the others. Continue reading

3 Tips for a Great Essay on Advertising

Great Essay on Advertising
Currently, advertising is so ubiquitous, people tire of it easily. After all, it is everywhere from apps to billboards outside. Being such a large part of everyday lives, advertising is also a popular topic for college essay. But how do you write a paper on advertising? Here are our top 3 tips:

Focus on a Single Point You’d Like to Make

The most common mistake the first year students tend to make is trying to fit too much into their work. When writing about advertising, one can mention products, companies, suppliers, media, etc. It is not good to put lots of information in one piece of writing. If you want to be more precise and write a more focused, high-quality work, chose a single subject. Forming a well-grounded thesis statement can also assist. Some professors even require you to choose one product before embarking upon an analysis. Be focused and attentive to details to become successful. Continue reading

Tips on How to Write an Interpretation Essay

How to Write an Interpretation Essay

Good grades are not that easy to earn, especially if your assignment is to write an essay, particularly if it is an interpretation essay. Even if previously you did not have the opportunity to discover what is it, sooner or later student’s life will throw you the chance to deal with it which is why you have to be prepared. An interpretation essay simply is about interpreting another piece of writing. No matter how complicated it may seem to provide your own analysis of a piece of literature, the task itself is not that daunting, and knowing guidelines of writing an interpretation essay might quite ease your life.

Definition of an Interpretation Essay

Without going into overwhelming brainstorming, the interpretation essay implies that your primary task is to interpret a piece of literature. Basically, an interpretation essay aims at analyzing critically the plot of the text, the heroes, the motives, the main idea, etc. and provide the possible meanings of the above-mentioned key points of a piece of literature. It is a typical assignment for any student attending literature classes, and even those who are engaged in studying arts, and other humanities. Continue reading

Terrorism Essay Writing Help

Terrorism essay

People view terrorism as a large-scale violence that includes fierce attacks, killing children, raping women, beating the elderly, robbing property, destroying livelihoods, etc. There are different topics that can be covered in an essay on terrorism, since the subject is broad and may include various aspects of the societal problem. If you are looking for professional terrorism essay writing, consider ordering a paper on our website.

Ideas to Consider in a Terrorism Essay

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “terrorism” means “the use of various violent acts so as to frighten a person as a way of trying achieving a certain political goal.” Nowadays, invoking terror is an influential political instrument that is quite effective in controlling and distributing power. In the modern world, terrorism is much more than cruel bands intimidating small groups of the society. In the twenty-first century, we face a new era of terrorism that poses threat to the world’s security. Continue reading