Achieve Career Success with Job Networking Tips

Achieve Career Success

Very often, when you want to become a successful person, it’s not the matter of what you know, but who you know. It doesn’t mean that education and skills aren’t important in getting ahead. In fact, this is the basis of your success. It just means that networking and excellent communication skills can get you much further than education.

Start networking early and make it a part of your career-related activities. Here are top 5 job networking tips that you need to follow in order to get ahead faster.

Networking for Jobs: Top 5 Tips

People In Your Network

Your career network should include people who can assist you with the career move or job search. They can be your past and present bosses, alumni from college, coworkers, friends who share similar interests or colleagues from different business associations. Your career network can also include neighbors, family and other people who might help you in terms of career growth. Continue reading

Untrue College Myths

Untrue College Myths
Such words as education, years of studying, loan debts, student parties, sleepless nights, professional experience and dream careers by the end of the study may suggest some embarrassment. By graduating with a diploma, we expect the best to happen, being full of hopes and illusions. So, many may turn out to be just a myth. All you need is to think carefully and develop your own future plan, just weigh all advantages and disadvantages. Tutors tend to fill student’s heads with wrong theories that don’t have anything common with reality. The following myths show how far they are from being true.

Making Choice It’s not about Your First One that Is Major

It’s really sad when an applicant has no chance or enough time to think well about his/her future direction and his/her own preferences. You definitely know the phrase about ‘receiving education anyway.’ So, often applicants make choices but then realize that they do not really want this profession because it’s not only about money. It’s about their opportunities to grow in a particular field, self-development and a career of their dreams and life. Fortunately, there is always an option that gives you an opportunity to reconsider your specialization and select your dream career, even if it isn’t your first choice. Continue reading

What Students Choose After College?

What Students Choose After College

“What should I do next?” is, perhaps, the most frequent question we ask ourselves during the life. It is especially important when it comes to the contemplation of our job plans. How to earn a fortune in order to pay a college loan as soon as possible, how to meet your parents’ expectations and make the surrounding be proud of you, where to find your dream job with a good salary… All these and many other worrying issues make us feel scared when we start our after-college/university path and create a real hardship for graduating students.

Though, there is no need to panic, as there are always solutions to any situation. If you still have no idea what next step should be taken, look at the bright side and evaluate that huge variety of options with positive attitude, which will make your future choice less problematic. After-graduation period isn’t the end of the best years of your life, but the most flexible time to travel, to learn, to experience, to discover. So, what are the options for the upcoming school-leavers? Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Having a Job Being in College

Having a Job Being in College

It’s common knowledge that many students have a job while studying in college. According to data that was collected in 2007, more than 45% of college students have part-time jobs. If you study at college, it means that you are overloaded with assignments, classes as well as other requirements. Therefore, working nearly 40 hours a week will make you feel exhausted or even drained.

On the one hand, having a part-time job causes many problems. On the other hand, it has several pros as well.

Why don’t we study some of them now?

You face with time management while working. Actually, this is the best way to learn how to plan your time in an appropriate way. Why? The answer is clear: you have to balance your studying in order not to get low grades and your work so that you don’t lose your job. Continue reading

Relationships in College: Their Impact on Your Adulthood

Relationships in College

How Relationships in College Shape Your Dating in Adulthood

As soon as you enter college, you realize that ahead of you there are four the most important years. During this time, students prepare for their dream jobs, join various clubs, and, of course, date with different people. College is full of options. You can remain with the person you dated in high school, find a close friend, or even discover a romantic partner. You can also live a single life. Ana Weber, a relationship expert, explains how each of these partnerships affects the way you will date becoming an adult. Continue reading