Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

In the ideal world professors are role-models who set an example of inner values and behavior. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in the ideal world. Even with best classes and being a part of the best educational institution you can’t be sure that you won’t come across a crazy professor. In case you already messing with one, here are top 10 ways to deal with a professor that you don’t like.

Know your Professor

Listening to the opinions of others is useful, but in case with professors, you’d better rely on your own experience. If you enter the classroom with prejudices against your professor without even knowing him or her, chances are that you can become the source of problems. Continue reading

Best Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Best Tricks to Improve Your Memory

A large number of factors may hamper the way your brain functions. These factors include poor diet, lack of physical activity, insufficient sleep, excessive stress and exposure to toxins and chemicals. But if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid this and help your brain create new neuron connections. According to some researchers, hippocampus, which is the memory center in the brain, can produce new cells during the lifespan, regardless of age. All you need is to give it the tools to grow these cells. You can do this simply through bringing changes into your lifestyle.

Useful Tips on how to Improve Your Memory

Eat Well

Avoid grain carbohydrates and sugar. Include fresh vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower and celery) and healthy fats (walnuts, fish oil and coconut oil) into your everyday diet. Continue reading

Network Marketing: How It Works

Network Marketing
The key idea of the concept of network marketing is a distributor network. This marketing model usually consists of various levels with their own individual payouts. Let’s have a close look at the idea of network marketing, point out its pros and cons and see who can benefit from this technique of leading a business.

Network marketing is the ideal choice for those who aim to build a part-time business with flexibility being its main feature. For example, it can be suitable for students or mothers who are taking care of babies at home. Such businesses are often connected with cosmetics retail, such as Avon, Jamberry or Mary Kay. The most attractive feature is that you don’t have to own a capital to get started. Usually, you get to work after you have purchased a handful of sample products for a few hundred dollars, and these samples already become the means of marketing because you can use them as demonstrations for your potential customers who, in most cases, are friends, relatives or acquaintances. Continue reading

The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome

The Roman Empire was glorious, powerful, and majestic. Yet, it ceased to exist. Why did it happen? There’s no single reason behind this, because just like with any other major historical event, a lot of forces influenced this outcome.

Following the Punic Wars with Carthage, Rome has gained a lot of new territories. While it was easy to govern such a spectacular amount of territories during the times of peace, it proved to be difficult during the times of war. The government was forced to pay soldiers to guard the frontiers of the Roman Empire, and for the most part that made the Roman treasury empty. Continue reading

The Best Books for Men

The Best Books for Men

If you need inspiration, read great works of literature. Below you will find the list of books with various characters who may become your helpers and new role models.

Books Every Man Should Read

Warriors Of The Storm: The Last Kingdom Series, by Bernard Cornwell

Set in the Britain of Alfred the Great, 10th century. The author masterfully revives this era describing one of the best historical fiction characters and keeping you glued to the end.

Razor Girl, by Carl Hiaasen

This book is written in an exceptionally funny manner. Being set in the surreal world, it is definitely worth reading, especially if you have never read Hiaasen before.

The Fight, by Norman Mailer

A double Pulitzer Prize winner and best sports book ever written. It describes the historic fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, providing an insight into the characters of two fighters and a detailed account of the contest.

Altered Carbon, by Richard Morgan

This book describes the 25th century. The humanity is digitized and immortality is rendered to the wealthy. Stars are open for colonization. One of the galaxy’s oldest and richest multi-centenarians commits suicide and an investigation starts… Continue reading